Affordable LASIK Pricing in Seattle and Portland

As a person who has personally benefited from LASIK, Dr. Joseph King appreciates the life-changing benefits of this procedure. This is why he strives to make LASIK eye surgery available for everyone who needs it. Recognizing the realities of affordable LASIK pricing and the shortcomings of medical insurance, Dr. King offers several low-cost financing plans. In addition, his offices offer comprehensive corporate programs and medical financing in collaboration with leading private lending companies. Explore the information below to learn how LASIK can fit your budget too!

Financing Plans Offered at King LASIK

To meet the diverse financial needs and circumstances of our patients, King LASIK offers a variety of affordable LASIK pricing and financing options, including King LASIK payment plans, the use of flex spending accounts, corporate group benefits and financing through CareCredit and ChaseHealthAdvance.

  • Flex Spending Accounts
    LASIK CostKing LASIK team members provide guidance about how to use employee flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to pay for LASIK eye surgery. FSAs are employer-sponsored programs that allow employees to pay for various medical procedures with pre-tax dollars. As a result, employees can save up to 30 percent of their out-of-pocket medical costs when undergoing laser eye surgery.
  • Corporate Group Plans
    King LASIK offers customized corporate Affordable LASIK Pricing programs for corporations in the United States and Canada. These programs are tailored to the needs of each corporate entity. Perks of corporate programs include quarterly or semi-annual lunch information sessions about the benefits of affordable LASIK, informational materials and brochures, and a designated LASIK representative assigned to your corporation.
  • CareCredit FinancingCare Credit
    CareCredit is North America’s largest patient medical finance company. CareCredit offers a variety of payment plans that allow you to receive your medical treatments now and pay for them later in installments that fit your budget.

If you would like to learn more about the various financing options offered at King LASIK, please contact our offices today at (877) 551-2020 or find a location near you.

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