How Laser Eye Surgery Helped

LIFE WITHOUT GLASSES OR CONTACT LENSES Every day in each of our clinics, we help a variety of people improve their vision in ways they don’t even realize are possible. We’ve carefully selected stories from four very different patients with very different careers, ages, backgrounds and needs who have all benefited from improved vision. As …Read more

7 Key Advancements in Laser Eye Surgery

LASER EYE SURGERY KEY ADVANCEMENTS LASIK surgery was considered a seemingly miraculous procedure when it was popularized, circa 15 years ago. Even so, modern medicine continues to research and innovate, providing new and exciting advancements. These advancements are beneficial for LASIK patients because they allow the procedure to be done faster, more effectively, and more …Read more

Debunking Common LASIK Vision Myths

COMMON LASIK VISION MYTHS When patients first come to our office, interested in whether or not LASIK surgery will work for them, there are frequently asked questions which usually come up during the consultation. Much of the time, their LASIK questions have to do with a combination of fact and fiction they have heard or read. Contrary …Read more