5 Ways Unknowingly Hurting Your Eyes – LASIK Surgery in Your Future

WAYS YOU’RE UNKNOWINGLY HURTING YOUR EYES Genetics predispose many of our patients to need corrective lenses to overcome blurry vision on a daily basis. But regardless of their genes, many people unwittingly do a number of things that negatively impact their ocular health and vision every day. As LASIK Surgeons we’ve learned that for most …Read more

Common Laser Eye Operations: LASIK, Custom LASIK, PRK & More

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN COMMON LASER EYE OPERATIONS Although all laser eye operations involve using a laser, LASIK specifically creates a small incision in the cornea so the surgeon can reshape the eye to correct focusing problems. So this form of all-laser LASIK is quite different from other laser eye surgeries, both in terms of what conditions …Read more