The Best LASIK in Seattle

King LASIK is dedicated to providing the Pacific Northwest with the most advanced LASIK experience possible. Led by Dr. Joseph King and Dr. Gary Filmore, our team is made of experienced, board-certified eye doctors who boast impressive resumes of educational backgrounds, medical training, and various fellowships in laser eye surgery. We have performed over 90,000 successful LASIK surgeries, making us not only the most experienced, but the most qualified LASIK surgery provider in the Pacific Northwest.

King LASIK Redmond

King LASIK brings LASIK consultation and LASIK follow-up appointments to its convenient location in Redmond, Washington. Just an hour away from our surgery center at King LASIK Seattle Central, King LASIK Redmond makes your journey towards clearer vision just a little easier. Our highly-skilled team of doctors can provide you with laser eye surgery consultations to determine if you are eligible for LASIK surgery, as well as give you the proper examination following your successful laser eye surgery at King LASIK. If you are interested in scheduling a LASIK consultation, call us at (425) 448-4888, and our helpful staff will assist you.

Advanced LASIK Technology

Our surgery center center employs the latest technology available in laser eye surgery. We use a WaveFront analyzer to show even the smallest cornea issues on a 3-D map. Dr. King and Dr. Filmore also use the IntraLase femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap, eliminating the need for a handheld device and reducing the risk of complications. These cutting-edge technologies assist our doctors in performing the most effective, safest LASIK surgeries possible.

Our LASIK Doctors

Our team of expert eye doctors at King LASIK Redmond gives excellent pre-op and post-op LASIK care to ensure optimal results. King LASIK Redmond’s doctors are experienced in working with vision correction surgery patients prior to and following their procedures and are there to create personalized treatment plans just for you. Dr. King and Dr. Filmore, along with their skilled staff, provide top-tier LASIK eye surgeries and services to the people of Seattle and throughout Washington.

The Benefits of LASIK

The benefits of vision correction surgery are obvious but substantial. Not having to wear eyeglasses, worry about the cost of corrective eyewear, and enjoying the sights of Seattle clearly are just a few of the ways LASIK surgery will improve your life. 20/20 vision gives you the power to experience Seattle and the Pacific Northwest the way it was meant to be seen in all its natural beauty. From hiking and beach outings to exciting nightlife, Seattle has a lot to take in, and we at King LASIK want to help you enjoy your life with vision corrective surgery.

Are you a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Our Redmond location will give you a thorough exam to determine if you are eligible for LASIK, but you can answer a few questions first to see if laser eye surgery is an option for you. If you are at least 19, have had a stable vision prescription for over a year, and have astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, then you should visit us at King LASIK Redmond for your LASIK consultation.

LASIK Treatment for You

Our comprehensive and thorough analysis of patients’ eyes allows us to create customized and detailed treatment plans. We look at medical history, perform thorough eye exams, and explore every possible approach when creating your LASIK eye surgery strategy. Our unmatched success in LASIK treatment is a direct result of our personalized approach to laser vision surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery

When it’s time for your LASIK surgery, the team will do a set of scans to program the advanced surgical technology. Then, we’ll perform the LASIK procedure, which takes roughly 10 minutes and is painless. The recovery time is only a day, and you’ll have years to enjoy your perfect sight.

Cost of LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery can vary in cost based on the technologies used, the surgeons performing the laser vision correction, and your specific needs. At King LASIK, we believe the cost of LASIK surgery is far lower than a lifetime of paying for corrective eyewear and dealing with their inconveniences. Schedule your consultation today to learn just how accessible LASIK is for you.

LASIK Follow-Up Appointment

The day after your surgery, you will have a follow-up appointment to check the immediate results of your LASIK surgery. Your doctor will then ask you to come back the following week. Depending on the results of this follow-up appointment, your doctor will recommend another appointment anywhere from 1-3 months later.

How to Find King LASIK Redmond

You can find us at 16150 NE 85th St Ste 219, Redmond, WA 98052. If you are coming from the West, take WA- 520 E and take the West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE exit. Drive past Marymoor Park and Rotary Park. Turn right onto NE 85th St, and we are located across the street from the Redmond Fire Department

If you are coming from the East, take W Snoqualmie Valley Rd. NE to NE Novelty Hill Rd. Stay on Novelty Hill Rd, and stay right to continue onto Avondale Way NE. Take a right onto NE 79th St, and drive past Anderson Park. Turn right onto 166th Ave NE, and drive past the YMCA. Turn left onto NE 85th St, and we are located on your right.