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  • Foote Testimonial
    “I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts for 15 years. My poor vision was very frustrating and I was tired of relying on contacts and glasses. Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK made me feel relaxed and confident about the LASIK Procedure. It was much easier than I expected! The day after, I had …
    - Gillian Foote: 100.3FM THE BEAR Morning Show: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Dan Dickau Testimonial
    “Having clear eye sight is amazing to me. I see better now than I did with contacts. I always had dry eyes and was uncomfortable with contacts in and I didn’t like the look or feel of glasses. I am excited about how my upcoming season will go with “new eyes.” I wish I had …
    - Dan Dickau: NBA player
  • Allan Testimonial
    “3.5 years after Dr. King performed my Lasik, I went for an eye checkup and I still have 20/15 vision. Thank you Dr. King!”
    - Allan Smith
  • Scott Testimonial
    “I can give you many reasons as to why my life has been so much better since I had my LASIK procedure from King LASIK. Last month – I came up with another one: skiing! We recently went on a ski trip and it’s so much more enjoyable and easy – not having to worry …
    - Scotty: Rock 97 FM Radio DJ: Kennewick, WA
  • Jamie Testimonial
    “Thank you Dr. King & team. For more than 25 years, I’ve loved water sports but always feared losing a contact and ruining a day or even a vacation. This morning for the first time in my life I was body surfed without pesky goggles! What a wonderful feeling of freedom! Thank you!”
    - Jamie Reece
  • Issac Testimonial
    “I was so tired of glasses and contacts. I had nothing to loose. I had 20/400 and I now have 20/20. I feel like I am looking through my contacts and glasses. I had no pain and when you wake up the next day, it’s like night-and-day. I never have to put on glasses or …
    - Isaac Ropp: The Fan 1080AM Sports Radio DJ: Portland, OR
  • Gina Testimonial
    “From my initial consult to my two-month follow-up today, I have been impressed with all the staff at King LASIK. As a healthcare provider, I want to be certain the care I receive is top-notch, and it is! It was so incredible to wake up the morning after my procedure and run with my dog, …
    - Gina Jones: Physician Assistant, Certified
  • O'neal Testimonial
    “I’m a very active person and if you are too, you know that contacts and glasses are a hassle. That’s why you’ll love the team that Dr. King has put together. The atmosphere at King LASIK is full of relaxation – I would recommend King LASIK anytime!”
    - Don O’Neill: 710 KIRO AM Radio Talk Show Host: Seattle, WA
  • Hooker Testimonial
    “I have been wearing glasses since I was 6! Idaho is hands-down the best for an active outdoor lifestyle. The things I love to do, like wakeboarding, mogul skiing, and who could forget floating the river in the summer, were always a challenge for me. Wearing glasses and going big in the outdoors is never …
    - HOOKER: KISS 103.3FM Morning Show Radio DJ: Boise, ID
  • Phil Testimonial
    “I had my procedure done on a Friday afternoon and bought my first pair of non-prescription sun glasses in 20 years on Sunday. Talk about liberating. From the first consultation to the actual procedure, Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK were an absolute pleasure to deal with. It’s hard to believe the procedure …
    - Phil Aubrey: Classic Rock K-97 Morning Show Radio DJ: Edmonton, Alberta