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  • "King LASIK is the place to go for LASIK. King LASIK uses NASA and Naval Aviator approved Blade-FREE Intralase LASIK. What if you move your eye? Well, they offer a tracking system on their lasers that automatically shuts off if your eye is off track. Trust your eyes to King LASIK"

    -Adam Carolla.

  • "As professional motocross racers PRK eye surgery is a huge advantage for our race team. We now have confidence in our vision going into a big race. Contact lenses just do not work for professional athletes. PRK is an advantage in everyday life. I wake up in the morning with clear vision and clean eyes. As of right now I do not know how I did it before without my PRK eye surgery. The amount of money saved in the long run is totally worth it."

    -Jared Allison

  • "3.5 years after Dr. King performed my Lasik, I went for an eye checkup and I still have 20/15 vision. Thank you Dr. King!"

    -Allan Smith

  • "Having relied on glasses my entire life, it is amazing to no longer go searching for them each morning. My eyes went from terrible to 20/15 in no time. Dr. King has truly changed my life and my ability to live and work free of glasses or contacts. Every time I go to a hockey game, I don't have to spend two or three minutes cleaning my eye glasses prior to the game and between periods. I get to do my job and focus on the players. His staff and support team made this process smooth, comforting and enjoyable. I would not trust my eyes with anyone else."

    -Jonathan Bates

  • "I've had cruddy vision for 15 years now. I couldn't even see the big "E" if my left eye. The professionals at King LASIK walked me through all the options that were customized just for me. I am still amazed on how easy this process is with King LASIK"


  • "I can't believe how crisp and clear everything is after my laser vision correction. I searched for the most experienced surgeon in the Pacific North West that found Dr. Joe King. I would highly recommend the LASIK procedure- it's painless, quick and my clear vision has really made a huge positive impact in my life!"


  • "I've been wearing glasses and contacts for 15 years. My poor vision was very frustrating and I was tired of relying on contacts and glasses. Dr. King and the staff at King LASIK made me feel relaxed and confident about the LASIK Procedure. It was much easier than I expected! The day after, I had clear 20/15 vision and no pain. Recovery is so quick! The only thing I regret�is that I didn't do it SOONER. King LASIK is awesome!"

    -Gillian Foote

  • "I have been wearing glasses since I was 6! Idaho is hands-down the best for an active outdoor lifestyle. The things I love to do, like wakeboarding, mogul skiing, and who could forget floating the river in the summer, were always a challenge for me. Wearing glasses and going big in the outdoors is never a good combination. I have been wanting to ditch my glasses for years but never thought it was a possibility...either I didn't trust the doctors or couldn't afford it, until I found King LASIK. The difference between them and EVERYONE else was night and day. They were friendly, explained everything on my free consultation, and I finally felt like my vision was as important to them as it was to me. King LASIK took me from geek to chic without any problems!"


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Our Patient Guide includes actual patient testimonials from real people who have made the choice to free themselves from their blurry vision and the burden of glasses and contacts. In their own words they will help you to under- stand what you can expect. If you have any questions please call us!

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