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Winter Vacation after LASIK Surgery
It’s pretty common for people to undergo LASIK surgery before their annual winter vacation. After all, who doesn’t want to look great during their holidays, and be able to take selfies and family photos without glasses?

Winter vacation locations vary – from tropical beaches to skiing resorts – and people have many after-care concerns that apply to their choice of destination.

At King Lasik, we’re familiar with all the vacation-related queries you may have after LASIK surgery, and we’re answering a sampling of the most often asked questions here to allay some of your doubts.

* Please have a list of specific, travel-related questions to take to your LASIK surgeon when you go for your post-procedure appointment. Only you know what challenges you may face on the kind of vacation you are planning, and your doctor will be better equipped to help you with them if you’re asking the right questions.

Can You Fly Right After LASIK Surgery?

• While there shouldn’t be any major concerns if you’re flying right after the procedure, it’s a good idea to wait a couple of days to err on the side of caution.

The air in airline cabins is much drier than on land, and it may irritate your eyes, especially on a long-haul flight. Always carry lubricating eye drops with you and keep applying them as needed on the flight. Also, try to rest your eyes by sleeping or listening to music instead of reading or watching an in-flight movie to pass the time.

Can You Go Swimming During Your Vacation?

• After the procedure, it is wise to avoid risks of infection for a few days. Our advice would be to wait a week before going into a swimming pool. Wear goggles in the water to make sure the chlorine does not come in contact with your eyes. After about 4 weeks, you’re all in the clear and can even open your eyes underwater without worry.

If you’re planning to swim in lakes or in the ocean, remember that these natural water bodies are home to a variety of bacteria and microscopic organisms that can cause infection.

What About Water Sports?

• You can enjoy low to moderate-intensity water sports such as snorkeling, water surfing etc. approximately 2 weeks after the LASIK procedure, as long as you wear goggles to protect the eyes from wind and water. After 4 weeks, you can resume high-intensity water sports without worry.

Will Your Eyes Be Safe If You Go Skiing?

• High-altitude ski resorts have low oxygen levels and this can cause the corneas to swell. Wait 10 days at least after surgery before you go skiing, and always carry lubricating drops with you to make sure your eyes don’t dry out. And please, don’t overdo it. Ease yourself into your new and improved eye condition. Don’t present unnecessary challenges to the healing process.

Should I invest In Sunglasses With Good UV Protection?

• Absolutely. No matter where you’re travelling, you should always have a UV protected pair of sunglasses with a large, high-coverage design. This will guard your eyes against sunlight, and keep wind, sand and other foreign particles from hurting your eyes.

What About Tanning?

• Coming back from a winter vacation with a smooth, golden tan can be an irresistible temptation but do not to give in to it. Protection from UV rays is a must, which is why you need to be super careful about shielding the eyes for at least 6 weeks if not longer. Be aware that UV rays can reverse the effects of LASIK and cause hazy vision or retinal damage.

What About Alcohol?

• Yes, you can have alcohol from the day after the surgery. In moderation, of course.