If you’re seeking clear vision without having to rely on eyeglasses and contact lenses, King LASIK has your back! Our expert team can help guide you to the corrective laser surgery that’s best for you and your eyes.

What is lasik?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses all the time or struggle with contact lenses, LASIK may be the solution for you! LASIK is a safe and effective laser eye surgery that’s known for its track record of success and quick recovery time. This procedure can improve your vision and can lessen or even eliminate your need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses!

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LASIK is an incredibly safe surgery — in fact, it’s one of the most common surgeries performed on eyes today! And thanks to advancements in technology, it’s also more cost effective than it has ever been before. There are three huge benefits to choosing LASIK or refractive surgeries over contacts or glasses:
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The lifetime cost

The lifetime cost of eyewear is typically thousands of dollars more expensive than the one-time cost of LASIK.

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LASIK is a safe procedure and helps you avoid some risks that come from long-term wear of contact lenses.

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Time saving

You’ll ultimately save yourself a lot of time without the need to update your eyeglass prescriptions or put contacts in.


During LASIK surgery, our team uses a state-of-the-art laser to reshape your cornea. This reshaping helps correct your sight by allowing light to hit your retina properly. Not everyone is a good fit for this procedure, and our experts will determine if LASIK, PRK, or another refractive surgery is best for your unique vision needs during a consultation.


If you’d like to see better without relying as much on eyewear, then LASIK can be a great choice for you. Take our self-test to see if you’d be a good fit, then schedule a consultation with our experts to find out for sure!


The team at King LASIK, led by Dr. Joseph King, has performed more than 150,000 successful LASIK procedures, and we can’t wait to share this experience with you. We want to help as many people as possible see clearly, without needing to rely as much on eyewear. At King LASIK, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a safe, affordable, and reliable surgery performed by experts with a long history of excellence!

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Sandra Kim
Sandra Kim
As a fellow physician who was initially hesitant about undergoing LASIK surgery who pondered it for quite some time, I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise provided by Dr. King. My apprehension regarding LASIK stemmed from concerns about the potential complications. However, Dr. King and his assistants helped alleviate all my fears through thorough explanations, and meticulous pre-operative assessments. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had! Dr. King's extensive experience and expertise helped instil a sense of confidence and trust in their abilities and I took the leap. I couldn't be happier with the results - on the first post operative visit I met with Dr. King who was very kind and professional. He took the time to answer any further questions I had and did a through examination. My visual acuity test showed that I could see 20/20!!! It has absolutely changed my life for the better. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. King to anyone considering LASIK surgery, I couldn't recommend him and his team enough and will definitely be referring my family and friends to him!
Sahara Bowser
Sahara Bowser
King Lasik honestly changed my life. I have never been able to see. I've always had astigmatism, I've always had bad eyesight. I've needed glasses since kindergarten. The feeling of waking up, and being able to see individual leaves on trees made me cry. Dr.King is a really good soul, all of the staff are kind, and this was the best medical experience I've ever had. Thank you so much for everything!!!!
Bradford McKee
Bradford McKee
Great staff, very warm and friendly. Dr. King is amazing. Had the Lasik procedure done march 29th. And now can see clearly. King Lasik did my Dad's eyes 20 years ago and he still sees clearly to this day. So I am very hopeful for long lasting clear vision. So THANK YOU, Dr. King and your amazing Staff. Tadd.M
Laura Passano
Laura Passano
Excellent experience in every way.
Incredibly friendly and patient staff. Excellent experience overall. Highly recommended.
Maggie Amoth
Maggie Amoth
Such a great experience! The staff was so kind and I’ve been able to completely stop using contacts and glasses.