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Tri Cities Laser Eye SurgeonThe King LASIK Tri-Cities center offers state-of-the-art laser eye correction procedures that have helped thousands of patients resolve their nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. As a highly experienced Tri-Cities LASIK surgeon, Dr. Joseph King has performed more than 85,000 LASIK procedures. His combination of surgical skill and advanced laser technologies allows him to consistently deliver outstanding vision correction results. To learn more about Dr. King’s treatment approach, please explore the paragraphs below.

Laser Eye Correction in Tri-Cities

Dr. Joseph King and his medical team offer comprehensive, highly individualized LASIK treatments. Before recommending laser eye correction, our optometrists perform a series of eye exams and vision tests. As part of the diagnostic procedures, they use the sophisticated WaveScan technology that creates a 3-D map of the cornea. This map is unique to each individual, just like a fingerprint. Dr. King uses the map to calibrate the excimer laser – a sophisticated device that gently reshapes the cornea so that it can refract light rays correctly. Dr. King uses several laser platforms, including VISX, Bausch and Lomb, Nidek and Alcon. In addition, his practice features the revolutionary IntraLase laser platform for bladeless corneal flap creation. By using these advanced technologies, Dr. King is able to consistently help his Tri-Cities LASIK patients achieve visual acuity of 20/20 or better.

Individualized Patient Care

King LASIK vision correction centers employ only highly experienced, dedicated nurses and support staff. Many members of the King LASIK medical team have more than 10 years’ experience in the laser eye correction field. They are able to explain all aspects of LASIK surgery, recognize and promptly address any complications that arise, and quickly respond to their patients’ deepest concerns. As a result, King LASIK boasts a very high patient satisfaction rate and conversely a very low rate of complications. If you would like to read what former King LASIK patients say about their surgical experience, please visit our rave reviews page.

What are the benefits of LASIK?

LASIK corrects refractive errors to produce clearer vision. Many people achieve independence from wearing glasses or contact lenses after LASIK. Quality of life tends to improve with clearer vision. Some LASIK patients have said they experience a reduction in headaches and sinus pain after LASIK without glasses sitting on their nose. Others have noticed an improvement in their night and peripheral vision after treatment.

How can I find premier LASIK surgeons in the Tri-Cities?

You can start by looking at King LASIK, home of leading laser eye surgeons serving areas throughout Washington, Oregon, Alberta and British Columbia. King LASIK surgeons are expertly trained and use advanced technology to enhance the safety and precision of treatment. More importantly, they are compassionate surgeons dedicated to making the LASIK patient experience positive.

What is the long-term safety of LASIK vs contact lenses?

LASIK has a strong safety record. On the other hand, there are some safety concerns associated with the long-term use of contact lenses. Due to the nature of contact lens placement, there is the risk that they can transmit bacteria into the eye. They can also scratch the cornea and cause ulcers, cysts and other complications. In very rare cases, contact lens use can lead to permanent vision damage and even blindness.

How do I know if I am a suitable candidate for LASIK?

You may qualify for laser vision correction with LASIK if you:

  • are at least 19
  • are in good general health
  • have a certain cornea thickness
  • have a stable vision prescription
  • understand the benefits and possible risks of surgery
  • can follow the directions of your surgeon and eye care team

Is LASIK expensive?

LASIK is an investment in the quality of your vision. Your LASIK treatment will virtually pay for itself after 10 or so years, thanks to all of the money saved on eyeglasses, contact lenses and the associated cleaning products.

What can I expect during my recovery from LASIK?

LASIK recovery is typically very quick. You will not be able to drive right after surgery, so you should arrange for a ride home. Your eyes may have some mild irritation, so we advise you to sleep for the rest of the day. We may also ask that you use special eyedrops after surgery.

Most patients notice an improvement in their vision within a day or two of surgery. Many return to work within a few days of surgery.

What are some of the attractions in the Tri-Cities that I can visit after having LASIK?

Celebrate your improved vision with a trip to some of the best attractions in the Tri-Cities. If you like history and science, spend an afternoon in the Science & Technology Museum or the Columbia River Exhibition of History. Hike through the Sacagawea Heritage Trail, or take a spin on the Carousel of Dreams. If you’re a sports fan, attend a minor league baseball game, Western Hockey League game or a National Indoor Football League game.

Contact King LASIK Tri-Cities Offices

Contact King LASIK Tri-Cities OfficesIf you would like to learn how LASIK eye surgery can help you achieve clear vision without glasses, contact King LASIK and schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Joseph King. Set up an appointment online, or by calling (877) 551-2020.

Driving Directions Tri-Cities

*From the West: From Badger Mountain Community Park head west on Englewood Dr. Turn left onto Keene Rd and continue southeast. Once you reach Albertsons take the left turn onto Gage Blvd. After passing Costco Wholesale turn right onto N Center Pkwy and then left onto W Quinault Ave. We will be located on the right next to Caliber Home Loans.

*From the North: Head west on WA-240 W past Columbia Park Disc Golf Course. Exit the highway at the Columbia Center Boulevard exit and then turn left onto N Columbia Center Blvd. Head south passing Perfection Tire and Pier 1 Imports. Take the left turn onto W Quinault Ave and you will find us on the left just past Quality Inn.

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