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3 Ways LASIK will Affect Your Life

You probably already know that LASIK surgery is designed to improve your vision, helping many patients achieve 20/20 vision and reduce or completely eliminate their daily dependence on prescription eyewear. But, did you know that undergoing laser vision correction surgery can offer other, unexpected benefits? King LASIK shares three unexpected ways LASIK affects your life in the best way.

#1 Substantial Savings Over a Lifetime

Think of all the money you spend each year, purchasing the newest fashionable frames for your prescription lenses or hundreds of pairs of disposable contact lenses and / or contact-lens cleaning solution, seemingly by the gallons. Although LASIK surgery requires a greater upfront fee than sticking with glasses or contact lenses, when added up over a lifetime, LASIK becomes the more economical option — and you achieve clear vision, often without having to wear pesky glasses!

#2 More Freedom

Our LASIK patients realize they will achieve better vision with their vision correction procedure. However, they often cannot imagine how clear vision will affect their everyday life after surgery. Imagine not having to wear contact lenses when you want to jump in the water for a spontaneous swim! Or, not having to pack lubricating eye drops for your dry contacts when you go for a quick jog, to a concert or on a hike. Actually envisioning the freedom that LASIK can provide is surprising to many of our patients!

#3 Looking More Youthful

Let’s face it: Prescriptions glasses can make some individuals look like librarians, or older than their actual age. If this sounds familiar, having LASIK and not having to rely on eyeglasses every day can help you look younger. In addition, you may be able to stave off the “crow’s feet” that often develop as a result of squinting to read a street sign or fine print when you have poor vision.

If you are ready to save money, have more freedom and possibly look younger, you are ready to learn more about LASIK surgery!

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