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LASIK surgery is a quick procedure used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This refractive surgery uses a laser to reshape the cornea so that light traveling through it focuses onto the retina located in the back of the eye. Typically, this procedure is pain-free and will last around 20 minutes.
How Much will LASIK Improve my Vision
You have heard all the excitement about LASIK Eye Surgery and about its life-changing results—but the question remains: Can you see after LASIK?

All surgeries come with risks, but LASIK complication rate statistics are extremely low – less than one percent! Fortunately, there are things you can do to contribute to LASIK being fully successful.

  • Make sure it is safe for you to have LASIK surgery: LASIK success is dependent on several factors that make sure this surgery safe for your eyes. If you have certain health problems, eye diseases, or are nursing/ pregnant, you will not be eligible to have LASIK surgery. Patients also must be at least 18 years old. The best way to confirm if you can have LASIK is to talk to your doctor!
  • Prepare: To make sure your surgery goes well, you can prepare by not wearing makeup the night before or day of, avoiding perfume or cologne, and wearing clothing that won’t shed. This will protect your eyes from any debris. You will also be prompted to stop wearing contact lenses before the surgery. Contact lenses can distort the shape of your cornea, which could lead to incorrect measurements. Make sure your doctor knows your medical history, both general and eye related, so he can fully prepare for the procedure.
  • Choose an experienced, trustworthy surgeon to perform the surgery. LASIK is a major decision and you want to choose the most qualified surgeon to help you achieve your goals. Because Dr. Joseph King has performed over 85,000 laser eye surgeries, we know what it takes to find the perfect LASIK surgeon. Make sure your surgeon has extensive experience, practices at a reputable medical center, and uses advanced techniques and technology. For example, all of King LASIK’s surgeons and nurses have completed many years of advanced academic and clinical training!

So… Can you See After LASIK?

The short answer is yes, you will be able to see better.  While LASIK is considered one of the safest eye surgeries available, it is still a surgery and comes with inherent risks. Still, typical LASIK results show that 95 percent of patients have 20/40 or better vision post procedure. From our experience with thousands of successful LASIK procedures, our patients have been in awe of how their vision increases.

Do You Need Glasses After LASIK?

Many of our patients ask us this question when considering LASIK. A major perk of getting the surgery is removing the hassle of contact use or wearing glasses. This surgery is designed to reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts and should produce results that help you see as clearly as you did with glasses or contacts. The definitive answer relies on factors such as your prescription strength, your surgeons’ access to advanced technology, and your age.

I Want to Regain my Vision with LASIK Surgery!

Getting LASIK eye surgery is an important decision, but we are here to make sure it is the right one! King LASIK’s approach combines a highly experienced medical team, state-of-the-art technology, and affordable pricing. Dr. King creates a personalized plan for every patient and as a result, most patients achieve 20/20 vision!  Begin your journey toward freedom from glasses and contact lenses today. Schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. King by calling (877) 551-2020 or make an appointment online.