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Portland North Laser Eye SurgeonDr. Joseph King and the medical team of King LASIK are proud to have helped numerous Portland LASIK patients realize their dreams of clear vision without glasses. As one of the region’s most accomplished LASIK surgeons, Dr. King has performed more than 90,000 LASIK surgeries. He has helped many celebrities, professional athletes and pilots enhance their visual acuity through LASIK.

Our Portland North LASIK Center

Dr. Joseph King and the medical team of King LASIK are proud to have helped numerous Portland LASIK patients realize their dreams of clear vision without glasses. As one of the region’s most accomplished LASIK surgeons, Dr. King has performed more than 90,000 LASIK surgeries. He has helped many celebrities, professional athletes and pilots enhance their visual acuity through LASIK.

Portland North LASIK

The King LASIK facilities are equipped with the latest surgical and diagnostic technologies. Dr. King uses the leading-edge VISX Star S4 laser platform with WaveScan technology – a combination that allows him to deliver exceptionally precise laser treatments that result in clear, sharp vision. To further improve his patients’ post-surgical vision, Dr. King uses a special laser to create the corneal flap. This approach eliminates the need to use any handheld mechanical blades when performing LASIK and reduces some of the LASIK eye surgery risks. As a result, Dr. King’s patients recover faster, experience a very low rate of complications and achieve excellent post-surgical visual acuity.

Customized LASIK Treatments

Dr. Joseph King believes that the best LASIK eye surgery results are achieved through customized LASIK procedures. He performs a series of evaluations and vision exams and develops a unique treatment plan for each patient. By precisely addressing the cause of each patient’s nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, Dr. King consistently helps his patients achieve vision of 20/20 or better following surgery. In fact, many of Dr. King’s patients recommend him to their friends and family members.

Many of our satisfied patients have shared their own LASIK eye surgery reviews; several patients have even agreed to be interviewed in a LASIK surgery video to describe their experience. The King LASIK team believes this content is helpful to individuals that are considering laser vision correction surgery and want to know more about what treatment entails.

How Much Does LASIK Surgery Cost?

One of the most common questions we receive from potential Portland LASIK patients is, “How much is LASIK surgery?” The cost of LASIK surgery varies, depending on factors such as the specific technology used. King LASIK uses the latest technology and premium lasers. It is difficult to give you an accurate pricing quote without meeting you, evaluating your specific vision needs, and determining a plan of treatment. We can discuss your LASIK surgery costs with you during a one-on-one consultation after learning more about you and your goals of treatment.

Keep in mind is that the one-time cost of LASIK surgery is a smart investment in your visual health and your overall quality of life. Compared to the lifetime costs of eyeglasses, contacts, cleaning solution and associated materials, LASIK is the more cost-effective solution. Many of our patients will tell you that their only regret is that they didn’t have LASIK surgery sooner.

What are the benefits of LASIK?

Having LASIK is very rewarding. Most importantly, the laser eye surgery corrects the refractive error that hampers your vision. With clearer vision, you can reduce or eliminate your daily dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Over time, this can save you a lot of money on visual aids. Laser vision correction also makes daily tasks such as reading and driving simpler. It is easier to be active without worrying about glasses fogging up or getting knocked off your face. Some LASIK patients also find their night vision improves and they have better peripheral vision. It’s also important to note that many people enjoy the way they look without glasses!

How do I choose a LASIK surgeon in Portland North?

You want to find a surgeon with the right combination of training, experience, technology expertise and friendly “bedside manner.” Look for surgeons that are board-certified ophthalmologists and have completed advanced training in refractive eye surgery.

There is no substitute for experience, so you want someone that has performed tens of thousands of LASIK procedures (Dr. King himself has performed 85,000 procedures). Inquire about the technology used during surgery. King LASIK offers systems like wavefront-guided imaging and all-laser LASIK with the IntraLase femtosecond laser.

Finally, make sure that you feel comfortable with and well cared-for by the surgeon and his staff.

How does the long-term safety of LASIK compare to that of contact lenses?

LASIK has an excellent safety record. Complications are rare and if they do occur, they generally appear right after the procedure and can be treated immediately.

Contact lenses, on the other hand, have a spottier safety record. Since they involve touching a piece of plastic to the eye, there is the chance of transmitting bacteria into the eye, scratching the cornea and other similar complications. People that wear contact lenses have a higher risk of developing an eye infection than people that don’t.

These are things to keep in mind as you weigh the decision whether to have LASIK or continue to wear contact lenses daily.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for LASIK?

You may be a suitable candidate for LASIK if you are at least 19, have been diagnosed with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and depend on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. Your prescription should be stable for at least 12 months with no changes, and your corneas should be of a certain thickness to withstand the surgery. You should be in good health and free of any eye infections or disease.

All interested candidates are encouraged to schedule an informational consultation at King LASIK, offering LASIK in Portland, Washington and throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

What outdoor activities and attractions will I enjoy more after LASIK in Portland North?

There are a variety of outdoor activities that become more enjoyable after LASIK. Take a stroll through Washington Park and enjoy the International Rose Test Garden or Japanese Garden. Walk or jog along the Willamette Waterfront. Stop for some shopping at the Saturday Market. If you’re an animal lover, check out the Oregon Zoo. Explore the grounds of Pittock Mansion and its beautiful view of the Portland skyline.

Contact King LASIK Portland Offices

Dr. Joseph King invites you to contact his LASIK surgery clinic and schedule your first consultation by calling (360) 635-5000. During your appointment, he will evaluate your refractive errors and help you decide whether you should undergo laser eye surgery. Dr. King will also give you more detailed information about the cost of LASIK eye surgery.

Driving Directions Portland North

From the North: Head south on I-5 S and take exit 9. Turn right onto NE 179th St then take a left onto NE Delfel Rd. Head south passing Bricks and Minifigs and just before Pat Lydon Fireworks, LLC turn left to continue on NE Delfel Rd. We will be located on the left next to Birkenstock Northwest.

From the South: From Fairgrounds Community Park head east on NW 164th St. Take a left onto NE 10th Ave and then pass Big Al’s Specialty Movers. Continue straight onto NE Delfel Rd, and turn right onto NE Delfel Rd. We will be located on the left just past Birkenstock Northwest.

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King Lasik Yelp

Chin W. Portland, Oregon- LASIK Patient

I have been wanting to have LASIK done for some time. With all of the ads on the radio and on the Internet for LASIK in Portland, it’s hard to filter through all the gimmicks and bait & switch marketing that some of these big chains  put out there to get you in the door.

After months of research and multiple “free consultations”,….(7 I think) I chose King Lasik. The staff is amazing and truly care about you as a person not just a number. They were not pushy and I felt really comfortable with them from the first call to set my appointment.

I am happy to say that It’s been 4 days since my procedure and I am more then pleased with my crystal clear vision ! The whole process was care free and the post-op visit was a breeze.

If you’re considering LASIK, don’t waste your time shopping around… I’ve done for you. I would highly recommend King LASIK to anyone wanting a new life glasses/contact free!!

King Lasik Portland Patient

Heidi- Portland area Laser Vision Correction Patient

This has been like a MIRACLE for me! My vision was considered worse than 20/500; I have been wearing glasses since four years old. When I woke up after LASIK, I could read the second hand on my clock… Before, I could not even see the clock as it blended into the wall.

From start to finish, the Portland staff is courteous and kind. My complementary first exam gave me a lot of confidence and a ton of information!

On the day of my surgery, my husband drove me. He was able to come into the surgical suite and even took pictures!

My surgery was performed by Dr. Joe King. His staff told me he has performed over 100,000 of these procedures, so you can have confidence he knows what he’s doing!

Almost all of the staff  have had LASIK done on themselves. The day that I went in, the daughter of one of the staff members was undergoing the procedure. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it. It is the best investment I’ve ever made in my eyes! Truly, like a miracle. I hope my own kids get the opportunity to have LASIK done someday. I would recommend this to anyone, if you’re thinking about it, don’t wait!

Go in for your free consultation. You won’t regret it!

King Lasik Portland Patient

Amy – Portland, OR

Wonderful staff and very professional process of laser eye surgery. I was in and out in an hour. I was very nervous since it’s my first surgery of any type ever. The people at King LASIK make sure you are making an informed decision and the staff lets you know the process every step of the way.

Now 3 years later my vision is still perfect and I have no regrets about getting my surgery done here.

King Lasik Portland Patient

Heather- Portland, Oregon LASIK patient

This was the best experience ever! I will recommend anyone wanting to get LASIK, to get it done at KING LASIK. They are clean, friendly, professional, and affordable. Thank you Dr. King and staff.

King Lasik Portland Patient

Kristie- LASIK Portland, Oregon area

The staff at King Lasik was fantastic, they always got me in and out of the office quickly but still answered all of my questions. Dr. King was amazing, after almost 30 years wearing glasses, I now have 20/15 vision and have the freedom to enjoy the activities that I love without the hassle of glasses or not being able to see. Thank You!!!

King Lasik Portland Patient

Nicole- Portland, Oregon

I love my new eyes! I can finally see clearly after 15+ years of wearing glasses. It has been over a year since my surgery and my eyes are still very clear. I felt comfortable with the whole process. Everyone was friendly and nice at the office. Thank you so much Dr King you have improved my quality of life.

google reviews king King Lasik Portland PatientPortland LASIK patient- Vicky I had a great experience at King Lasik in Portland area.  All employees were very professional, warm, patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.  They care about every client.  I was nervous every step of the way, but the staff and doctor kept me calm.  I bombarded them with questions and they patiently answered them all.
The procedure was quick and for me, painless.  I highly recommend King Lasik to anyone.

google reviewEric- Portland, Oregon I had my custom LASIK procedure here almost a month ago and am happily seeing 20/15 thanks to the work of Dr. King and staff.  The number of great reviews online are true and now I am recommending King LASIK to all my friends and family.   The free pre-op appointment was informative where they performed multiple tests on my eyes to determine if I was a good candidate for the LASIK procedure and made a recommendation on the type of procedure that would be best for me.  All potential post-op effects were accurately described by staff and in the reading materials provided at my first appointment.  They have up-to-date wavefront technology available and happen to have one of the most reasonable costs for the surgery in the area.  The LASIK surgery itself was quick and painless and I was happily recovered 24 hours after my procedure.  My only regret is not going to see Dr. King and his staff sooner.

google reviewLASIK Patient, Annalisa from Portland, OR My experience with King LASIK was definitely better than I expected. The staff  were friendly and professional. They walked me through the process step-by-step, and answer all the questions and concerns I had. The operation itself was pleasant with the operation staff talking me through it. I would definitely refer my friends and family. Today is the day after and I feel great. I can see clear again! Thank you King LASIK!

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