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LASIK Eye Surgery in Renton, WA

King LASIK Seattle Central
900 SW 16th St #200
Renton, WA 98057
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Central Seattle LASIK Eye Surgery

Central Seattle LASIK Eye Surgery

The King LASIK facility in Seattle Central is led by the highly recognized laser eye surgery provider Dr. Joseph King and Dr. Gary Filmore. Made up of highly-accomplished, board-certified ophthalmologists, the team at King LASIK has completed many years of advanced medical education and clinical training, including specialized fellowship training in laser eye surgery. Having performed more than 90,000 successful LASIK procedures, Dr. King and Dr. Filmore serve as one of the most experienced laser eye surgery teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Reliable LASIK surgery in Seattle Central

Here a few reasons why the King name remains the gold standard for LASIK eye surgery in Central Seattle:

The Latest Laser Technology

Staying up-to-date with the use of the cutting edge in laser surgical tools should be paramount for any practice that doesn’t want to get left behind when a new laser makes LASIK safer and more effective.

King LASIK Seattle Central office features the WaveFront analyzer, which creates a 3-D map of the cornea that shows even the smallest imperfections. This map is used to calibrate the excimer laser, which in turn gently reshapes the outer layer of the cornea (the clear outer part of the eye). King LASIK utilizes the advanced VISX Star S4 excimer laser platform, which provides extremely precise laser treatments.

Dr. King and Dr. Filmore also use the advanced IntraLase femtosecond laser. This device is a special laser used to create the corneal flap (a small slit in the outermost layer of the cornea). IntraLase eliminates the need to use a mechanical handheld device when creating the corneal flap. As a result, the risk of flap-reduced complications is significantly reduced.

Customized LASIK Treatments

We’re able to achieve the best outcomes for our LASIK patients by customizing our procedures to the unique needs and treatment goals of each patient. Some practices approach LASIK as a “one size fits all” procedure, because it’s so simple, but there are unique considerations that go into performing laser eye surgery on someone with nearsightedness, for example, that aren’t quite the same when treating a patient with farsightedness or astigmatism.

Part of the way we provide the industry’s best LASIK surgery is by making sure we talk to our patients about their vision history, perform an eye exam in our office, and make sure to approach the prospect of performing LASIK eye surgery from every angle to ensure safety and efficacy.

Why Choose King LASIK for Laser Eye Surgery?

The experienced eye surgeons at King LASIK are the top choice for many patients in the Central Seattle area due to their unique combination of a few key qualities:

  • Qualification and expertise
  • A high standard of patient care
  • Unmatched experience

When you look for a surgical team to handle your LASIK procedure, these are what you should be looking for. You need a board-certified team, backed up by thousands and thousands of successful LASIK surgeries like Dr. King and Dr. Filmore are, as well as an experience that will make you feel at ease from the moment you first enter our office for your initial consultation to the moment you leave the office after your surgery, armed with 20/20 vision. We’ll talk you through the experience, make sure you understand the procedure, and provide for you the outcome you deserve: perfect vision for the foreseeable future.

Hear from some of the people whose lives we’ve changed with a simple surgery by reading reviews from our satisfied patients and watching videos that explain everything you need to know about getting LASIK surgery at King LASIK Seattle Central.

The Benefits of LASIK

The benefits of LASIK are substantial and fairly straightforward. Here are some of the key benefits to our surgery, straight from testimonials from past patients who have had the experience of our life-changing corrective vision procedure.

Make Corrective Eyewear a Thing of the Past

One of the best parts of LASIK is that most patients never have to worry about refractive vision issues ever again, or at least until eye issues associated with aging start to occur. While wearing glasses or contacts may not be a huge inconvenience to your life, it can be incredibly refreshing to see clearly without relying on eyewear.

There is also the issue of safety. While no solution to vision issues is “unsafe”, contact lenses pose more of a risk of infection and damage to the surface of the eye than LASIK, a procedure with minimal potential for complications. This is especially true when surgery is done without handheld tools, which is the case at King LASIK Seattle Central.

Enhance Your Ability to Enjoy Living in Seattle

Another report we get often from patients who have undergone LASIK in our office is that after the surgery, their ability to enjoy the place where they lived was increased instantly. Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, is known for it’s natural beauty, and clear vision allows you to take in the full scope of the setting where you spend your time.

Hiking at Mount Ranier Park or Mount St. Helens is easier without worrying about your glasses fogging up from the moisture in the air, and clear vision enhances the experience of exploring the San Juan Islands, not to mention all of the associated wildlife viewing. The Space Needle provides breathtaking views of Seattle’s city center and beyond, and Pike Place Market is best taken in with clear eyes.

LASIK Frequently Asked Questions

At King LASIK Seattle Central, we get a number of questions from patients interested in LASIK surgery with us. Here’s what you should know if you’re considering laser eye surgery in Central Seattle:

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for LASIK?

You’re considered a baseline candidate for LASIK if you:

  • Are at least 19 years of age
  • Have had a stable vision prescription for more than a year
  • Have been diagnosed with astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness)

Beyond these qualifications, we need to ensure that LASIK will be safe and effective based on other aspects of your eye. To do this, we take scans that give us clear pictures of both the topography and tomography of your cornea. This is done in a LASIK consultation at our Seattle Central eye center.

What Should I Expect when I Schedule a LASIK Procedure?

When you undergo a consultation, Dr. King and Dr. Filmore will discuss the procedure and perform scans that determine your fitness as a candidate for LASIK. Assuming you’re a good candidate, the King LASIK team will set up a date for your laser eye surgery.

On the day of your LASIK treatment, we’ll do a final set of scans to program our cutting-edge surgical equipment, and then perform the surgery, which is quick and painless, lasting for an average of around 10 minutes. Once you leave, it will take about a day to recover, and you’ll be able to enjoy flawless vision for years!

What Does LASIK Cost?

The cost of LASIK varies based on the surgeons you use, the technology involved, and other factors unique to you as a patient, but there’s no doubt that LASIK surgery, when compared to the lifetime costs of corrective eyewear and supplies, is a sound investment.

Come into King LASIK for a consultation today and find out how easy it is to get 20/20 vision as the result of a procedure that’s surprisingly simple.

King LASIK Seattle Central

900 SW 16th St #200
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 525-1000

Driving Directions to King LASIK Seattle Central

From the North: Head south on I-408 S and take exit 2A. Continue on the road to merge onto Hwy 167 N/Rainier Ave S. After passing Sound Ford Inc. take a left turn onto SW Grady Way. Head west and then turn left onto Lind Ave SW. When you see Purcell Tire and Service Center turn right onto SW 16th St. You will find us located on the right across from Dawn Food Products Inc.

From the North: From Waterworks Gardens head south on Oakesdale Ave SW past Aronson Security Group. After passing Savers turn left onto SW 16th St and we will be located on the left next to Panattoni Development.


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