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Can I Get LASIK on CreditAt King LASIK, we know that undergoing laser vision correction surgery can be a positive, life-changing experience. With LASIK surgery, you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your daily dependence on glasses or contact lenses, potentially saving you a lifetime of costs associated with prescription eyewear. Because we recognize how beneficial LASIK surgery can be, we strive to make the procedure accessible to everyone.

In order to do so, we offer several payment and financing options for laser vision correction surgery. Let’s take a look at them.


Flex spending accounts, or FSAs, are programs sponsored by employers that allow employees to pay for their healthcare expenditures with pre-taxed money. You can use an FSA to pay for LASIK surgery, helping you save up to 30 percent of your out-of-pocket LASIK expenses.

Corporate Plans

We offer customized pricing programs for corporations in the United States and Canada. King LASIK can tailor a plan to meet the needs of your corporation. Advantages of our corporate programs include affordable LASIK prices, periodic lunch information sessions, informative brochures and other materials and a designated King LASIK representative assigned to serve your corporation.

CareCredit Third-Party Financing

We also accept CareCredit financing. CareCredit is a third-party organization that offers financing specifically for healthcare services, including LASIK surgery. CareCredit offers low monthly rates and a range of payment plans to fit your budget. To apply for CareCredit financing online, please visit

With so many payment and financing options available, you can afford to undergo life-changing LASIK vision correction surgery! To learn more about these flexible options, click here.

To schedule a free consultation to find out more about LASIK surgery and your payment and financing options, please contact King LASIK by calling (877) 551-2020.