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Anyone who qualifies for LASIK surgery during a pre-operative exam benefits from the procedure.  However, accountants are good contenders for the list of “Top 5 Professionals Who Deserve LASIK Benefits.” They deal with numbers swimming around on page after page, hours staring at a computer, and the highlight of the year (for accountants anyway)… Tax Season! For these three reasons, and more that we will list below, there are multiple ways accountants benefit from LASIK surgery.

Why Accountants Should get LASIK

5 Ways Accountants Would Benefit from LASIK Surgery

  1. Separating the 0s from the 8s. Balancing budgets can take a toll on tired eyes, which can make numbers difficult to decipher: “Is that a 0 or an 8? Are there three 0s after that or four?” Eyes begin to play funny tricks when exposed to similar shapes over and over. This is especially common for anyone with an astigmatism, which is one of the most common conditions treated by LASIK eye surgery. After eye tissues have healed, the numbers will literally come back into focus, making an accountant’s job a whole lot easier.
  2. Keeping Up With the Stock Market. Holy Moly. We don’t know who can read those stock market updates these days. The print is smaller than small. LASIK benefits don’t always mean that accountants can go 100% free from reading glasses but LASIK surgery sure does help. Most patients experience vision as clear as 20/40 or better. While we wouldn’t recommend holding the stock market pages 40 feet away to test the results, we’re pretty confident that after successful LASIK eye surgery, most accountants will be able to read the headlines from that distance with no problem.
  3. Computer Work. While computers may make certain tasks go faster, and increase numerical accuracy, it can be hard to get the screen to just the right distance for the clearest view. Accountants who wear glasses can struggle to find the right balance. Keeping two pairs of glasses on hand, or trying to maneuver eyeballs through bifocals, can start to have the same effect as motion sickness. LASIK benefits fix that problem altogether.  Whether an accountant’s vision can be fixed in both eyes, or whether the LASIK surgeon chooses to use a technique called monovision, LASIK surgery can ensure that any distance is the right distance away from the screen.
  4. Tax Season. Everyone needs exceptional vision during tax season. Legalese in small type on a myriad of tax documents is enough to make anyone’s eyeballs cross.  Even esteemed tax professionals – like accountants – can become bleary-eyed. The last thing any accountant needs is to make a mistake on someone’s tax return.  LASIK surgery will improve vision so when tax time comes around, accountants can put away their glasses, or donate them for a tax write-off, and get back to work in style.
  5. Speaking of Tax Write-Offs… If you’re an accountant worth your salt, you probably already know this – but just in case your poor pre-LASIK vision prevented you from accurately reading and interpreting IRS Form 502: Medical and Dental Expenses, LASIK surgery counts as a tax deduction. Transportation to and from appointments, as well as the prescription for your anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial eye drops are write-offs as well. LASIK benefits improve your vision and your taxes with the swiftness of one efficient laser beam.

Vision should never be taken for granted, nor should poor vision be suffered when there is an affordable and proven solution to common vision problems. While LASIK benefits don’t include the installment of a “Digital Instant Calculation & Memory Chip”… yet… LASIK surgery is still the most pain-free way to improve vision and to keep a focused eye on the numbers.