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Edmonton LASIKLASIK is an advanced surgical procedure that requires extensive training and experience on the part of the surgeon. Dr. Joseph King is a highly educated and experienced Edmonton LASIK provider who has performed more than 85,000 LASIK procedures. His reputation for excellence attracts many celebrities, pilots, professional athletes and other individuals with vision-intensive professions. Explore the paragraphs below to learn more about LASIK with Dr. Joseph King.

Edmonton LASIK Technology

Dr. King’s laser eye surgery Edmonton offices are home to a carefully chosen team of talented LASIK surgeons, nurses and support staff. Together, they strive to provide their patients with the highest-quality Edmonton LASIK treatments and impeccable care. In order to perform precise, individualized treatments, Dr. King uses a range of leading-edge technologies. He was one of the first surgeons in Western Canada to perform blade-free LASIK with the IntraLase femtosecond laser, and he has extensive experience with the advanced VISX Star S4 excimer laser platform. In addition, Dr. King offers iLASIK – a sophisticated vision correction procedure that combines a range of diagnostic and surgical technologies to deliver superior vision correction results.

Excellent Patient Care

Patients who come to Dr. King’s offices are often pleasantly surprised by the warmth and kindness of the staff, who strive to make each patient feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition, Dr. King and his team take the time to thoroughly explain each patient’s treatment options, address their concerns and answer their questions. The Edmonton LASIK staff’s goal is to relieve patients’ anxiety and help them enjoy their journey toward greater visual freedom.

Contact King LASIK Edmonton Offices

Dr. Joseph King encourages you to contact his offices and schedule a personal appointment. During your consultation, he will evaluate your vision and overall health and help you select the best course of treatment. Schedule your appointment online, or by calling (877) 551-2020.



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