King LASIK News: Dr. King Recognized

KENMORE AIR When you have multiples offices in both the U.S. and Canada, traveling can be tricky; not to mention time consuming! Dr. King relies on Kenmore Air to get to his destination quickly and safely. To begin the year, Dr. King was recognized as Kenmore Air’s January Frequent Flier. Kenmore Air is among the …Read more

What Happens During LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK EYE SURGERY PROCEDURE Despite being one of the most widely performed surgical procedures today, there are still many misconceptions on the actual process of LASIK eye surgery. So what actually happens during LASIK? How is it different than PRK? And lastly, how does one go from simple curiosity to living without corrective lenses? What …Read more

What Celebs Say About LASIK

LASIK SURGERY HELP CELEBRITIES IMPROVE THEIR VISION Many celebrities and professional athletes have turned to LASIK to improve their vision. These former patients have told compelling stories on how their life has changed since the procedure. We found the infographic below from the Maloney Vision Institute that depicts what celebrities had to say about their …Read more