7 Things You Can do To Improve Vision During Night Driving

Prepare For Night Driving With Less UV Exposure During The Day • During daylight hours, wear sunglasses to cut down on your exposure to UV rays. This will significantly improve your ability to see better in the dark, later at night. Keep Your Eyes Moving • To reduce the effects of eye fatigue while driving in the …Read more

Why LASIK Surgery Is Fast Becoming A Trend With Millennials

Millennials (age group 18-34) typically don’t have time to worry about medical care. Unless there’s a pressing emergency that needs immediate attention, they are unlikely to go for a medical consultation that could positively impact their lives in the years to come. Complications of day-to-day living that arise with middle age and more advanced years …Read more

8 Million Americans Have Ocular Rosacea And We Don’t Even Know What It Means!

Rosacea is chronic skin disorder that is so easy to spot, we all know what it is. Typically beginning after the age of 30, Rosacea causes a flaming redness to appear on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. Sometimes, the ruddiness even spreads to the neck, chest, scalp and ears. Marked by bumps, swellings, acne …Read more

Going On A Winter Vacation After LASIK Surgery? Read These Do’s And Don’ts

It’s pretty common for people to undergo LASIK surgery before their annual winter vacation. After all, who doesn’t want to look great during their holidays, and be able to take selfies and family photos without glasses? Winter vacation locations vary – from tropical beaches to skiing resorts – and people have many after-care concerns that apply …Read more

11 Inspirational Quotes To Start Off The New Year

It’s not what you look at that matters in life. It is what you see… When things get blurry, be like a cameraman. Simply re-adjust your focus… Always remember Cupcakes. They are the Muffins that believed in Miracles… Don’t look back, You’re not going that way… The world is a garden. Our thoughts are the …Read more

Bloodshot Eyes From Too Much Alcohol? Here Are Some Post-party Remedies

Is the whirlwind of year-end parties, late nights and the season’s celebratory drinking leaving you with puffy, bloodshot eyes the morning after? If so, you need to read this article before you go out on the town again, because we’ll tell you how not to wake up in the morning looking so wrecked and bleary-eyed, …Read more

5 Holiday Eye Make-Up Trends That Are Wowing The Windchills Out Of Winter This Year

• If the fluoresensibility of the 80s appeals to the secret hippie inside you, and you always wished you owned a color-changing mood lipstick, don’t take off those rose-tinted glasses just yet because the riot of 80s-inspired, psychedelic multicolor is back. Set to last well into the new year, when orange and yellow-tinted sunglasses will be de …Read more

Diabetic Puddings, Pies And Cookies — Infused With The Traditional Holiday Spirit

1) Diabetic Christmas Pudding •  A no-sugar Chtistmas pudding with carrots and apples to keep it moist and cinnamon and mixed spice to warm it up nicely Ingredients: 125g plain flour 125g fresh white breadcrumbs 25g shredded vegetable suet 125g currants 150g raisins 1 tbsp low-calorie sweetener 2 tsp each ground cinnamon and mixed spice 1½ …Read more

How To Prepare Diabetic-Friendly Drinks For Christmas

Who doesn’t love a hostess who knows how to put on a sumptuous table for Christmas? Who except diabetic guests, that is, because they’re pretty much invited to salivate at the rich, creamy dishes, puddings and pies without being able to sample any of it. A thoughtful hostess will always make a few diabetic substitutes, …Read more