Can I Finance LASIK?

At King LASIK, we know that undergoing laser vision correction surgery can be a positive, life-changing experience. With LASIK surgery, you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your daily dependence on glasses or contact lenses, potentially saving you a lifetime of costs associated with prescription eyewear. Because we recognize how beneficial LASIK surgery can be, …Read more

Activities to Do in Washington After LASIK

With so many fun things to see and do in the state of Washington, you will want to come for LASIK and stay for the attractions. Here are some of our favorite activities to do in Washington after you have made the quick recovery from LASIK vision correction surgery. The Space Needle Now that you …Read more

What Sports Will I Enjoy More After LASIK?

Do you enjoy sports and other active pastimes, but are frustrated that your glasses or contact lenses impede your ability to pursue them? If so, it might be time to consider having LASIK vision correction surgery with King LASIK. LASIK is a quick and painless procedure that requires minimal downtime. In fact, most patients achieve …Read more

Careers That Require Good Vision

When you were young and imagining what your career would be when you got older — pilot! astronaut! brain surgeon! — you probably didn’t factor in how your vision would affect your career path. Unfortunately, as we get older, we realize that certain factors may preclude us from landing our dream jobs. For example, having …Read more

Avellino DNA Testing for LASIK

At King LASIK, Dr. Joseph King and his team are committed to patient safety, and therefore take extra efforts to ensure that they only perform LASIK surgery on appropriate LASIK candidates. The King LASIK ophthalmologist performs comprehensive eye exams to ensure that each patient’s eye anatomy and eye health do not preclude them from undergoing …Read more

Is There an Age Limit on LASIK?

Another question we frequently hear at King LASIK in the Pacific Northwest is: is there an age limit on LASIK. In general, the answer is no; there is no age limit on LASIK surgery. However, there are certain age-related concerns to keep in mind when determining whether someone is a suitable candidate for the procedure. …Read more

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About LASIK

Are you considering undergoing LASIK surgery to improve your eyesight, but think the procedure involves a painful, lengthy recovery period? You might be surprised to learn that LASIK surgery is a relatively simple procedure with an easier recovery period than you may have initially imagined. Here are five things you probably don’t know about LASIK …Read more

Is It Better to Get LASIK in Summer or Winter?

At King LASIK in the Pacific Northwest, many patients ask us whether it is better to get LASIK in summer or winter. Some individuals have heard that the increased humidity during the summer is better for the eyes, as it helps them to stay moist after LASIK. Others have heard that your eyes are exposed …Read more

3 Unexpected Ways LASIK Affects Your Life

You probably already know that LASIK surgery is designed to improve your vision, helping many patients achieve 20/20 vision and reduce or completely eliminate their daily dependence on prescription eyewear. But, did you know that undergoing laser vision correction surgery can offer other, unexpected benefits? King LASIK shares three unexpected ways LASIK affects your life …Read more

Top 5 Attractions in Portland, Ore.

What’s there to do in Portland, Ore., after you have recovered from your LASIK procedure with King LASIK? Plenty! The following are our top five favorite attractions in lush Portland. #1 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area The Columbia River is 1,243 miles long, stretches between Oregon and Washington, and is scattered with 80 miles …Read more