Spend Your Tax Refund On This 1 Thing That Is Guaranteed To Change Your Life

Approximately 79 per cent of Americans are looking forward to the tax refund season, as they’re expecting a pleasant little surprise from the IRS. Last year, the average payout was 2,860 dollars, which may not sound like a king’s ransom, but if you spend that money with foresight and common sense, you can actually make …Read more

Forget Celebrities – Even Star Wars Droid C-3PO Had To Have LASIK Surgery!

What can be a more ringing endorsement for LASIK than the fact that even an autonomous programmable machine like Star War’s C-3PO, with his outstanding celluloid representation of robotics and fluency in over 6 million forms of communications, couldn’t solve his own vision problems without the help of refractive eye surgery! During the filming of …Read more

Top 10 American Cities That Promote Good Eye Health

If you are one of the 166 million Americans in need of vision correction, or extremely prone to allergies and other weather-induced irritants, the environment you live in will have an enormous impact on your eyes. Here are some useful tips about geographical locations that support good eye conditions and a list of 10 cities …Read more

Can Tattoos Really Cause An Eye Condition That Leads To Blindness?

Whoever thought that tattoos could possibly have any negative impact on the eye? But, according to a research from the John Hopkins School Of Medicine, such a thing is not only possible, the link is fast being established as people with black-ink tattoo art on their skin have been found with an eye condition called …Read more

Stop Pink Eye From Spreading In A Classroom

If you are a parent or a teacher, you are well aware of the scrouge of Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) in a classroom. Once a child gets it, others go down like dominoes with the infection. This contagion of inflamed eyes is an enthusiastic traveler, spreading quickly through direct contact with an infected child’s bodily secretions, …Read more

9 Ways Your Smoking Habit Is Also Injurious To Your Eyes

Lungs and heart are not the only essential organs that get compromised by the habit of smoking. With many years of smoking, vision also begins to degenerate, but because blindness isn’t life-threatening, this worrisome fact is often overlooked when putting out statutory warnings against smoking. There are 4,700 chemicals contained in a stick of cigarette …Read more

Pop The Cork, Not The Eye: How To Safely Open A Bottle Of Champagne

It’s something you’d expect Tom to do in a Tom And Jerry cartoon. Ask 900,000 Britishers, however, and they will tell you that getting punched in the eye by a champagne cork is no funny matter. They should know because 12% of UK’s entire population suffers from champagne-related injuries every year. Before you start calling …Read more

Is Your Baby’s Eye Watering Too Much? It Could Be A Sign Of Epiphora

Infants come with their own, special share of common baby-related illnesses. But, along with the usual coughs, colds and digestive troubles, parents also have to be constantly aware of signs of problems related to the eye. Babies cannot communicate discomforts in the eye without crying, and tears can camouflage an eye condition involving blocked tear …Read more

7 Things You Can do To Improve Vision During Night Driving

Prepare For Night Driving With Less UV Exposure During The Day • During daylight hours, wear sunglasses to cut down on your exposure to UV rays. This will significantly improve your ability to see better in the dark, later at night. Keep Your Eyes Moving • To reduce the effects of eye fatigue while driving in the …Read more

Why LASIK Surgery Is Fast Becoming A Trend With Millennials

Millennials (age group 18-34) typically don’t have time to worry about medical care. Unless there’s a pressing emergency that needs immediate attention, they are unlikely to go for a medical consultation that could positively impact their lives in the years to come. Complications of day-to-day living that arise with middle age and more advanced years …Read more