Parents Beware! These Toys Are On The “10 Most Dangerous” List For Christmas 2016 And They Are Not Eye Safe

Every year around the Holidays, WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm) releases it’s annual list of the `10 Most Dangerous Toys’ currently in stores. This year, their list includes as many as 7 toys that pose grave risks of eye injury and vision loss among children. Please be aware of these popular but dangerous toys …Read more

Are You Choosing Christmas Toys That Are Safe For Your Children’s Eyes? Find Out…

A toy store at Christmastime is an irresistible destination for both parents and children. Everything from the festive window dressings, to attractive discounts and fabulous Holiday stock displays are designed to promote the season’s impulse to buy, buy, buy. It’s easy to indulge kids at this time, and get them all the playthings they could …Read more

Holiday Gift Guide: 40 Fabulously Funky `Eye Chart’ Accessories You Never Knew Existed!

This time last year, it was all about flamingo bird motifs. And pineapples and nautical knots and chevron stripes and polka dots. It is interesting how design motifs creep into our homes, wardrobes and hearts, and we fall madly in love with a fashion print that suddenly seems to be popping up everywhere. At King Lasik, …Read more

How To Not Be Afraid Of Eye Drops

Almost 20 per cent of people are unable to self-administer eye drops. Others feel extreme anxiety at the thought of letting somebody else do it for them. And yet more, simply hate the idea of eye drops and remain defiantly non-compliant when their doctor prescribes one. Fear of eye drops is extremely common, as we’re conditioned …Read more

5 Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches Your Eyes Will Thank You For

The second-best thing after a large Thanksgiving turkey dinner? The turkey sandwiches that last for several days afterwards, of course. Somehow, the leftover turkey keeps winter’s festive spirit alive until the Holidays come along, and many people even confess that they look forward to this annual treat more than the actual Thanksgiving spread. Knowing that …Read more

22 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep

It’s not water-boarding but sleep deprivation that is the single most effective form of torture. Sleep deprivation will kill you more quickly than food deprivation. Do you find it extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning? If your difficulty is chronic, then there’s a name for it: Dysania. You got Dysania. We experience …Read more

7 Things Every Parent Should Know When Buying Eyeglasses For Children

Getting kids to wear eyeglasses for the first time is a potentially traumatic experience for both parent and child. It’s a whole new – and initially restrictive – way of looking at the world. A youngster’s world that is one, big rough-and-tumble of joyful games, grand adventures and roughhouse play. Once the ophthalmologist has handed …Read more