Five Reasons You Should Get LASIK This Summer

For the millions of people who suffer from the three most common vision problems — myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (blurry vision) — LASIK surgery offers a fast, effective, and safe corrective option. King LASIK’s team of highly skilled surgeons and experienced staff has performed more than 85,000 laser eye surgery procedures, and uses …Read more

Children’s Eye Injuries: Prevention and Care

About one-third of all eye injuries in the US happen to children 17 years old or younger. The team at King LASIK is dedicated to your child’s eye safety. In this post, we discuss how to prevent your child from suffering an eye injury, as well as steps to take in the event that an injury …Read more

Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Makeup is designed to enhance the inherent beauty of your eyes. Unfortunately, if applied or worn carelessly, it can lead to serious problems, including irritation, infection and inflammation. King LASIK cares about your eye health and vision, and offers the following eye makeup safety tips to help you create beautiful looks safely.

May Is Healthy Vision Month

At King LASIK, we take vision seriously year-round, including during Healthy Vision Month! Every May, the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention team up with the National Eye Institute to encourage Americans to make their vision a priority. In honor of Healthy Vision Month, King LASIK has put together the following tips to help you …Read more

Report: Contact Lenses Alter Eye’s Natural Bacteria

New research suggests that contact lenses alter the eyes’ natural bacteria, causing experts to wonder whether they heighten the risk of infection. Here, the team at King LASIK breaks down the results of the study and explains what contact lens wearers need to know.

Celebrities That Had LASIK

A few months ago, King LASIK discussed in our blog athletes that had success with laser vision correction surgery. This month, we have decided to focus on television and music stars that have experienced the life-changing benefits of LASIK. Here are a few celebrities that have spoken openly about their experience (and even had it …Read more

Protecting Your Eyes from Workplace Hazards

Eye injuries in the workplace can have devastating consequences — sometimes causing permanent vision loss and blindness. Experts believe that more than 90 percent of workplace eye injuries are preventable. Here, the team at King LASIK explains what you need to know about eye injuries at work.

Questions to Ask When Considering LASIK Surgery

In our last blog post, the King LASIK team discussed how LASIK surgery can significantly improve the vision of people that suffer nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. If you were inspired by our post and are considering meeting with our team at one of our locations in Seattle, Portland or British Columbia to learn more about …Read more

Are Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and Astigmatism Hereditary?

As one of the leading LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout British Columbia, King LASIK sees many individuals that need treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. A common question that comes up in consultation is, “What is causing my vision condition?” The short answer is often, “You can blame your parents!” However, the …Read more

Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Your Eyes’ Health

The health of your eyes depends on many factors, including your genes and age. However, did you know there are certain habits you can practice to improve your eyes’ health? In this blog post, King LASIK suggests some healthy lifestyle changes to make to boost the health of your eyes and avoid serious diseases and …Read more