The Effect of Texting on Your Eyes

According to the latest Nielsen study, the average cell phone user sends about 500 text messages a month. Are your eyes slowly suffering due to all this texting? The specialists at King LASIK are here to inform you on how to text without the eye stress. “Near Work” Texting is considered “near work,” a phrase …Read more

Tips for Younger-Looking Eyes

Did you know that others often judge your age by the appearance of your eyes? Want to keep people guessing? Here are some tips from King LASIK that will keep your peepers shining bright and youthful. Wear Sunglasses and Sunscreen Protect your eyes from sun damage by wearing sunglasses with UV protection — UV 400 …Read more

Want Healthy Eyes? Avoid These Bad Food Habits

It’s common knowledge that a healthy, well-balanced diet is good for the entire body, but did you know that the opposite — a bad diet — can adversely affect your vision? The quality of the food, how it’s prepared and the quantity in which you eat it may put you at higher risk for eye …Read more

Age-Related Vision Concerns to Watch Out For

A person’s vision can change several times throughout a lifetime. The first changes in vision often occur during childhood or adolescence and may continue to change into a person’s mid- to late 20s. At this point, vision stabilizes for several years. Once individuals reach their 40s, however, their vision usually starts to change again. Here, …Read more

My Vision Seems Blurred — What Should I Do?

Experiencing blurred vision can be a scary occurrence. Although blurred vision might simply be the result of dirty contact lenses, it could also be a symptom of a more serious eye condition. Learn more about what might be causing your blurred vision and what to do about it. Possible Causes of Blurred Vision The following …Read more

Easy Recipes for Healthy Eyes

You may have heard that eating carrots is good for the eyes. This is true, thanks to the beta-carotene found in orange fruits and veggies, including carrots. A type of vitamin A, beta-carotene helps the retina function properly and can help prevent or delay the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In addition to beta-carotene, …Read more

Eye Disorders That Often Affect Older Adults

The natural aging process is a part of life. There are certain advantages to getting older, including having more free time during retirement, seeing your family evolve and perhaps having more confidence in the decisions you make. Of course, there are certain disadvantages to the aging process as well. For instance, there are a few …Read more

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Eyes

King LASIK would like to remind you that what’s good for your body in general is also good for your eyes in particular. Not only does following a healthy lifestyle help keep your waistline in check, certain diseases at bay and premature signs of aging away, but it also helps protect your vision. Here’s how. …Read more

Cigarette Smoking Eye Damage Resembles Early-Stage Glaucoma

We all know that smoking is bad for one’s health. Smoking cigarettes causes a host of problems, from premature signs of aging (including wrinkles and dry, dull skin) to serious medical conditions, including lung cancer and emphysema, a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, did you know that smoking can affect the health of …Read more

Choosing the Right Sunglasses Frames for Your Face Shape

Do you dislike shopping for sunglasses because you are not sure which frames best suit the shape of your face? If so, don’t worry. The team at King LASIK offers the following tips for choosing the right sunglasses frames for your face shape. Determining What Your Face Shape Is The first step in choosing sunglasses …Read more