LASIK Eligibility – Who Can Receive Laser Eye Surgery?

WHO ARE GOOD CANDIDATE FOR LASIK PROCEDURES With the revolutionary success of LASIK surgery, it’s no wonder that everybody is asking about it. As much as LASIK surgeons would love to restore great vision to everyone, it’s just not physically possible. Some individuals make better candidates for laser eye surgery than others. Who Can Receive …Read more

What to Expect on Laser Eye Surgery Day

LASIK SURGERY DAY EXPECTATIONS Most patients counting down the days to their laser eye surgery experience two emotions: excitement and anxiety. While both emotions are understandable, the former is the one to hold onto and the latter should be tossed away with the soon-to-be-irrelevant eyeglasses. The best way for a patient to get rid of …Read more

Introduction to LASIK Surgery

INFORMATION ABOUT LASIK SURGERY THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW We found the infographic below from the team at Sugarland Eye & Laser Center. It provides good information on what LASIK is all about, and how you can benefit from the procedure. LASIK can be a little intimidating. We don’t blame you. However, it’s not as scary, or as …Read more

5 Ways Lawyers Would Benefit from LASIK Surgery

PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR LASIK EYE SURGERY While you might not think of LASIK surgery as something that is profession-specific, you would be surprised at the ways this pain-free, vision restoring procedure can enhance the day-to-day life of certain business professionals.  Lawyers fall into the “Perfect Candidates for LASIK Eye Surgery” category. Why? From reading the …Read more