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While you might not think of LASIK surgery as something that is profession-specific, you would be surprised at the ways this pain-free, vision restoring procedure can enhance the day-to-day life of certain business professionals.  Lawyers fall into the “Perfect Candidates for LASIK Eye Surgery” category. Why? From reading the fine print, to keeping an eye on the mood of the jury, focused vision enhances their ability to pay attention to the smallest of details that can help to win a case.
Why Lawyers Should get LASIK

5 Ways Lawyers Would Benefit from LASIK Surgery

  1. Reading, Reading, Reading. There’s a reason why most people don’t go to law school: reading laws, memorization of laws, more reading of laws, and more memorization, and then one huge stressful test. Ugh. For many of us, prior to LASIK surgery, lengthy reading was a process of either:

A) Wearing one pair of glasses on our head with the other pair of reading glasses on our nose – switching between the two as necessary; or

B) Perpetually wearing reading glasses on the tip of our nose, keeping the awkward “librarian tilt” going if someone wanted to talk to us, or to watch TV in between commercials.

With LASIK benefits, you can kiss multiple pairs of glasses goodbye (or give them a swift kick into the donation bin).  At best, you’ll never need glasses again.  At worst, you may occasionally need reading glasses when you’re tired, in a dimly lit room, or when reading something printed with microscopic text.

  1. Paying Attention to Details.  A good lawyer has to pay attention to the smallest details. Perhaps it’s the literal details of a case to find the right loopholes to jump through. Maybe there is a critical piece of evidence buried in a random crime scene photograph. There are also more complex details, like the body language of a dishonest witness or the glare of a disbelieving jury member. LASIK surgery can help to sharpen a lawyer’s focus so that s/he can make the best, most critical, and timely decisions on their client’s behalf.
  2. It’s a Tax Write-Off. Everyone thinks lawyers are rich. However we understand that law school comes at a price – the price of über-expensive student loans that cost as much as – or more than – an average mortgage payment. Lawyers need tax breaks, too. Talk to your tax accountant and find out how LASIK surgery can be used as a medical write-off on this year’s taxes.
  3. Computer Eye Strain Relief. Lawyers spend hours and hours in front of the computer, which can take a toll. This is especially true for lawyers who have separate prescriptions for different distances, and astigmatism, or who struggle to use bifocals comfortably.  One of the benefits of LASIK eye surgery is overall improved vision so that even if reading glasses are occasionally needed, the required prescription is much weaker.
  4. No More Frame Shopping. Choosing the right pair of eyeglass frames is never easy, especially if you are in a high profile profession. The style of glasses lawyers choose can affect how clients see them: older, younger, smarter, trendier, outdated, etc. After LASIK surgery, lawyers don’t have to worry about glasses anymore, which means the eyeglass barrier comes down and lawyers get to make a genuine impression on judges, juries, and their clients.

Lawyers will be thrilled to note that in addition to LASIK procedures, we are currently working on lie-detecting sensory devices which can be installed directly in the cornea during LASIK surgery.  No more beating around the bush with clients and dishonest witnesses.  Oh. Wait! No! We aren’t there yet… For now, bona fide professional LASIK surgery will have to suffice.