Avellino DNA Testing for LASIK

WHAT IS THE AVELLINO DNA TEST USED FOR? At King LASIK, Dr. Joseph King and his team are committed to patient safety, and therefore take extra efforts to ensure that they only perform LASIK surgery on appropriate LASIK candidates. The King LASIK ophthalmologist performs comprehensive eye exams to ensure that each patient’s eye anatomy and …Read more

Is There an Age Limit on LASIK?

KING LASIK ANSWERS THE PERFECT AGE LIMIT FOR LASIK Another question we frequently hear at King LASIK in the Pacific Northwest is: is there an age limit on LASIK. In general, the answer is no; there is no age limit on LASIK surgery. However, there are certain age-related concerns to keep in mind when determining …Read more

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About LASIK

FACTS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT LASIK Are you considering undergoing LASIK surgery to improve your eyesight, but think the procedure involves a painful, lengthy recovery period? You might be surprised to learn that LASIK surgery is a relatively simple procedure with an easier recovery period than you may have initially imagined. Here are five things …Read more

Is It Better to Get LASIK in Summer or Winter?

LASIK IN SUMMER OR WINTER? At King LASIK in the Pacific Northwest, many patients ask us whether it is better to get LASIK in summer or winter. Some individuals have heard that the increased humidity during the summer is better for the eyes, as it helps them to stay moist after LASIK. Others have heard …Read more