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Best Season for LASIK SurgeryAt King LASIK in the Pacific Northwest, many patients ask us whether it is better to get LASIK in summer or winter. Some individuals have heard that the increased humidity during the summer is better for the eyes, as it helps them to stay moist after LASIK. Others have heard that your eyes are exposed to more varying elements during the summer, from the hot sun and warm winds to frigid air conditioning in the car or office, making it difficult for the eyes to heal after LASIK. The truth of the matter is that any time is a good time to undergo LASIK treatment. Here is why.

LASIK and the Environment Around You

LASIK surgery is performed in a controlled environment. We ensure that the temperature and humidity in our treatment rooms are adjusted to take into account the outside climate. We even compensate for elevation, as needed. Thus, our patients never have to worry about the environment outside when deciding when to undergo LASIK treatment.

Also, after your procedure, you will be given eye drops to help keep your eyes lubricated and to help minimize the chance of infection. You don’t need to count on the outside humidity to keep your eyes moist; you are given the tools to help you do that regardless of the climate around you.

Although your eyes may be exposed to various elements in the summer, given that you probably venture outside more often during the warmer months, the same can also be said in winter. You may step outside while it is raining or snowing then head back inside where a warm fire is lit in the fireplace or where the heat is cranked up. The truth is that the elements vary no matter what month it is, and you should be using protective eyewear such as sunglasses or goggles at all times of the year anyway. The elements are a part of life, and they will not significantly affect your eyes’ ability to heal after LASIK.

Your Personal Schedule is The Most Important Factor

When deciding when to undergo LASIK surgery, the best thing you can do is factor in your personal schedule. For instance, you will have several follow-up appointments after your LASIK procedure, so you should not schedule LASIK surgery right before you are about to go on vacation, whether you are taking a summer vacation or going away for the December holidays. Also, your eyes may be red for up to two weeks after the procedure, so you may not want to schedule LASIK before attending a big event such as a wedding or class reunion. Basically, if your schedule allows for the relatively short recovery period and follow-up appointments that LASIK requires, any time is a good time to achieve better vision!

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