How Long Do Results From LASIK Last?

KING LASIK ANSWER THE QUESTION, HOW LONG DO RESULTS FROM LASIK LAST? One of the common questions we at King LASIK hear from prospective patients is, “How long do the results from LASIK surgery last?” The answer is that the vision correction results from LASIK are usually considered permanent. This is because, during the LASIK …Read more

What’s the Best Technology for Laser Eye Surgery?

STATE-OF-THE-ART LASER TECHNOLOGY ONLY AT KING LASIK At King LASIK, we recognize that your eyesight is precious. That is why we help safeguard your vision by utilizing only the latest, most sophisticated laser technology in our vision correction procedures. Here, we share the best technology for laser eye surgery and explore the role that our state-of-the-art …Read more

Can I Finance LASIK?

FINANCING OPTIONS AT KING LASIK At King LASIK, we know that undergoing laser vision correction surgery can be a positive, life-changing experience. With LASIK surgery, you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your daily dependence on glasses or contact lenses, potentially saving you a lifetime of costs associated with prescription eyewear. Because we recognize how …Read more