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Psychotropic Makeup

• If the fluoresensibility of the 80s appeals to the secret hippie inside you, and you always wished you owned a color-changing mood lipstick, don’t take off those rose-tinted glasses just yet because the riot of 80s-inspired, psychedelic multicolor is back. Set to last well into the new year, when orange and yellow-tinted sunglasses will be de rigueur, Christmas is setting the stage for the look with high-pigment neons taking the place of boring, black outliners.

Razor-sharp Eyeliner

• From straight, hard lines to graphic slants and extra-sharp wings, eyeliners have more angles now than a geometry box. Practice these strong, unapologetic strokes well before the evening of the party, so you’re not left with a botched-up mess that needs a do-over at the very last minute.

Bleached Eyebrows

• These very daring, barely-there eyebrows can be temporarily achieved for party purposes with make-up. You don’t have to bleach your eyebrows and then regret the punky impulse for months afterwards.

Terrestrial Glitters

• Showbizzy sequins are the final word in dramatic winter eye-styling this year, and when else to flaunt all that shimmering pageantry than at Christmas time? Add a sweep of controlled glitter, not just on the eyelids, but on the brow bone or the inner/outer corner of the eye as well. Choose one area to highlight, and as always when working with glitter, less is definitely more. Want to stay elegant? Go for subtle monochrome.

Barbed Eyelashes

• Achieve doll-like lashes à la Twiggy by over-building them into clumpy spikes. If you’re using regular mascara, apply several coats, stroking some powder on between each coat to quickly build body. Do both upper and lower lashes for the full-on Twiggy effect.