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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s a special time for candlelight dinners, bouquets of roses, boxes of chocolate, and plenty of smooches. Whether you’re a romantic or a cynic, it’s hard to ignore this Hallmark holiday. How do you best set the mood for romance (or a hopeful romance) this Valentine’s Day?

How Will LASIK Affect Day to Day Life

For anyone who relies upon eyeglasses for their everyday vision, the problem of fogging is a common occurrence. No one is immune to the occasional awkward kiss – but with glasses, your chances are more likely.  Have you ever been locking lips with that special someone and had your glasses fog up? It may have happened to you, your partner, or someone you know.

We think LASIK is pretty darn sexy (and we aren’t ashamed to admit it). No offense to those with glasses, but many of our patients have admitted to improvements in their relationships after having LASIK. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn more about the sexy side of LASIK

1.) LASIK has Helped More Than 10 Million People See Their Loved Ones

Dr. King himself has performed more than 75,000 surgeries – easily placing him as one of the 3 most prolific LASIK surgeons in the world! After LASIK, most people see remarkably better than they did before with glasses or contacts. It also requires very little recovery time and patients often see quite well the next day. They are able to interact and appreciate the world around them almost immediately. LASIK has one of the quickest healing times in comparison with most surgeries.

2.) Healthy Foods Give Your Body and Eyes the Nutrients it Needs

There are many people that believe the eyes can be a good indicator for general body health. There is an abundance of healthy, and tasty, foods that can improve your overall well-being, as well as eyesight. Adding leafy greens, dark chocolate (yes, chocolate!) and garlic to your weekly meal plan is just one way to keep your eyes – and body – in good shape. Before and after LASIK surgery, it is important you are keeping your eyes healthy and safe. In order to preserve your vision, make sure you treat your eye problems early and protect your overall health.

3.) Give the Gift of Sight

What better gift to give that special someone than the gift of sight? While the surgery isn’t cheap, it can be more cost effective than you might think. It’s important to account for just how expensive contact lenses and glasses can actually be over time. Once you have LASIK, your vision is stable and you do no longer need to purchase new glasses every year. On MSN Money – Smart Spending, contributor Jim Wang broke down the cost analysis.  LASIK is a good investment and a great gift to give. Set up a free consultation with us to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery. Eliminating the hassle of glasses or contacts from the life of your loved is one of the most special gifts you can give.

4.) Seeing the Signs Clearly

We can guarantee that if you scan the magazine section at your local bookstore, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles dedicated to “reading the signs”.  20 Ways to tell he’s into you (Cosmopolitan), 7 signs you should ask him out (Glamour), Signs she interested (Men’s Health), just to name a few. Persistent eye contact, the licking of lips and body language can all show signs of mutual attraction. Vision conditions, such as astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) may prevent you from seeing these subtle signs. These conditions can often be corrected by LASIK.

5.) The Power of Eye Contact

You’ve heard the saying that “eyes are windows of the soul”.  Eye contact is an important part of nonverbal communication, and ensures that the listener is paying attention. Outside of relationships, eye contact is an important factor in business interactions and job interviews.  Oxytocin often referred to as the “love hormone” is released when we feel bonded with someone, either emotionally or physically. The release of this hormone is triggered by a hug or holding hands, for example. Dr. Kerstin Uväs-Moberg, the author of The Oxytocin Factor, believes that eye contact can bring about oxytocin release as well. There’s plenty of scientific evidence to back up the power of eye contact, and LASIK helps these interactions become clearer, and more effective.

If you have any questions about whether LASIK may be right for you or your Valentine’s Day sweetie, give us a call. Single or taken, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy Valentine’s Day!