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Why You Should Get LASIK
Have you considered laser vision correction with LASIK, but keep coming up with reasons to postpone treatment? You are not alone. Many people weigh the decision for years. However, a number of our patients have admitted they wish they had LASIK sooner. Make 2016 the year you finally enjoy clearer vision and freedom from glasses and contact lenses. In this post, the team at King LASIK shares the top five reasons to have LASIK in 2016.



1. Convenience of Clearer Vision

Freedom from dependence on glasses and contacts is life-changing. With clearer vision, you can perform simple tasks, like looking at the alarm clock or checking a medicine bottle, without searching for your glasses or putting in contacts. You can travel with ease and avoid worrying about packing or forgetting your lenses or cleaning solutions.

LASIK makes it easier to live an active lifestyle. You can take a long jog outside without worrying about your glasses falling off or fogging up. You can jump into a pool at a moment’s notice. You can play contact sports without worrying about shattering your glasses.

2. Wise Investment

LASIK makes financial sense. Over time, you will save thousands of dollars by not having to buy contact lenses, eyeglass lenses, frames and the related accessories. Also, you may be able to pay for your LASIK surgery with a flexible spending account (FSA) offered by your employer, or through special patient financing programs offered by the surgeon.

3. Almost-Instant Results

LASIK typically does not involve a long, drawn-out recovery. Enjoy your results almost immediately! Many of our LASIK patients wake up the day after surgery with noticeably better vision. The results tend to improve over the next few days. Serious side effects are extremely rare.

4. Reduction in Allergy Symptoms

Some of our LASIK patients have noted a decrease in uncomfortable allergy symptoms like itchiness, red eyes and burning, because they no longer need to wear contact lenses. Patients that suffered from chronic headaches or sinus problems due to wearing glasses can find relief after LASIK.

5. Boost Your Style Quotient

If you don’t like the way you look with glasses (but can’t tolerate contacts), you’ll love your appearance after LASIK! You can go bare-faced and show off your beautiful eyes all the time. Pick out your favorite sunglasses without needing to swap out the lenses for prescription strength lenses.

To learn more about LASIK and how it can change your life for the better, please schedule a consultation with the King LASIK team. Call us at (877) 551-2020 today.