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Teachers are the perfect candidates for custom LASIK surgery.  Between reading, writing, paper grading, and having to keep a watchful eye on students, LASIK surgery offers the perfect solution to say goodbye to glasses and hello to a more focused perspective – literally.  Plus believe it or not, LASIK surgery can be written off on this year’s taxes, and with continuing cuts to education budgets, teachers need every break they can get.

Why Teachers Should get LASIK

Tax breaks aren’t the only benefit to LASIK eye surgery. For more information on how LASIK surgery can benefit those who dedicate their lives to education, read on.

5 Ways Teachers Would Benefit from Custom LASIK Surgery

  • “Has Anyone Seen My Reading Glasses? These days, teachers can’t let anything give their students a “one up” in the classroom. The last thing a teacher needs is to be spending precious time looking for his/her reading glasses around the piles of papers on the desk.  It wastes valuable class time and gives students the upper hand… especially when it turns out the glasses are right on the teacher’s head!  Custom LASIK surgery allows teachers to ditch the reading glasses, or any glasses. Once the eyes are healed from the quick and painless outpatient surgery, teachers return to the classroom – sans glasses – and dignity intact!
  • What time does that clock say? Yikes! We have all had the teacher that was so nearsighted that s/he couldn’t see the clock at the back of the room.  Teachers aren’t supposed to be asking the questions, they’re supposed to be answering them.  Plus, if a teacher can’t see the clock in the back of the classroom, what nefarious student activities are being overlooked as well? After their LASIK eye surgery, teachers can read the clock from the front, or the back, of the classroom, and keep an eye on naughty students as well.
  • Join the Club.  While teachers aren’t ever going to be as hip as their students (well, not in the students’ eyes, of course), Custom LASIK surgery is one way for teachers to join the club.  More than a million people have already benefited from custom LASIK surgery, with more and more being added to that list everyday.  LASIK surgery is fast, efficient, and completely painless.  The entire procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, and most LASIK patients only experience a minor irritation for a few hours after the numbness wears off.  Then, it’s back to class with restored vision.
  • It’s a Tax Write-Off.  Hard to believe but it’s true.  The IRS allows LASIK surgery to be used as a write-off on taxes since it promotes the function of the body for health purposes. Even the IRS recognizes the importance of clear vision.  Teachers should speak with their CPA to find out how this medical expense can benefit them next tax season.
  • Paper Grading Time.  Teaching involves a great deal of grading and, although bifocals can be great, it’s still a nuisance to adjust the glasses perfectly to read, grade papers, and keep an eye on the back of the classroom. Once a teacher has had custom LASIK surgery, s/he can grade papers, read an incoming email on the computer screen, and see to the far reaches of the classroom without any adjustments necessary.

Custom LASIK surgery is one of the most powerful tools in a teacher’s tool kit.  Unfortunately, one of the only things LASIK eye surgery can’t do is to provide teachers with much needed eyes in the back of their heads to see what students are up to when they’re writing on the board.  Ah, well.  For now, successful custom LASIK surgery will just have to suffice.