Contact Lens Use and Coronavirus [COVID-19]

With the recent outbreak of coronavirus [COVID – 19], frequent handwashing to reduce the risk of viral exposure is critical. The manner in which the coronavirus spreads is not entirely understood but transfer of viral particles by hand is believed to be a primary method of viral dissemination. Coronavirus particles can reside on surfaces and …Read more

Report: Contact Lenses Alter Eye’s Natural Bacteria

WEARING CONTACT LENSES ALTER EYE’S NATURAL BACTERIA New research suggests that contact lenses alter the eyes’ natural bacteria, causing experts to wonder whether they heighten the risk of infection. Here, the team at King LASIK breaks down the results of the study and explains what contact lens wearers need to know.

The Cost Benefits of LASIK vs Not Having LASIK

COST BENEFITS OF LASIK SURGERY The benefits of LASIK are well-documented: clearer vision, freedom from glasses and contacts and a better quality of life are just few wonderful benefits of the laser vision correction procedure. But did you know that there are also financial benefits of having LASIK? In fact, having LASIK can save you …Read more

Contact Lenses vs LASIK

THE CONVENIENCE OF LASIK OVER CONTACT LENSES There are many, many debates on the Internet about nearly everything under the sun, but one of the most important involves a sense that’s very precious to us: eyesight. Corrective lenses have existed for many years, but as technology progresses new options have been developed. Contact lenses are …Read more