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Do you dislike shopping for sunglasses because you are not sure which frames best suit the shape of your face? If so, don’t worry. The team at King LASIK offers the following tips for choosing the right sunglasses frames for your face shape.
Best Sunglasses for My Face Shape

Determining What Your Face Shape Is

The first step in choosing sunglasses frames is to determine the shape of your face. There are four basic face shapes: Heart-shaped, round, oval and square. In order to identify your face shape, you can place a piece of paper over a photo of your face. Take a pen and trace the outline of your face. Once you are finished, take a step back and look at the outline you have just drawn. It should resemble one of the abovementioned shapes more closely than the others. This is your general face shape.

The Best Frames for a Heart-Shaped Face

Frames that are wider on the top than they are on the bottom are great for heart-shaped faces. Wayfarer (think 80s-style Ray-Bans), cat eye and sport styles fit the bill.

The Best Frames for a Round Face

For individuals with round faces, rectangular, angular or oversized frames work best to offset the roundness of the face. Think square glasses. Wayfarer and cat eye styles also suit round faces.

The Best Frames for an Oval Face

People with oval faces can pull off any square or round frames, but they should be sure to keep proportion in mind and avoid frames that are too big or too small for their face overall. Appropriate frames include aviators, wayfarer and oversized styles.

The Best Frames for a Square Face

To help soften the angular lines of a square face, choose sunnies with rimless edges or those with soft lines. Suitable frames include round styles (like the ones John Lennon and Yoko Ono made famous), as well as aviator and shield styles.

Find Out More About Caring for Your Eyes

Wearing sunglasses when you leave the house — even when it looks cloudy outside — is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while looking fashionable. Another simple way you can care for your eyes and protect your vision is to undergo regular eye exams.

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