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Common Eye MythsHave you heard that sitting too close to the television will damage your eyesight? Perhaps you have also heard that everyone with blue eyes shares one common ancestor. If you would like to find out whether these statements are true, keep reading. Here, King LASIK explores common myths and facts about the eyes.

Assertion #1: Sitting Too Close to the TV Damages Eyesight

Truth: This assertion is false. Sitting too close to the television set might give you a headache, but it won’t cause your vision to worsen. However, children who do this might be compensating for a vision problem and should have their vision checked.

Assertion #2: Reading in Dim Light Will Damage Your Eyesight

Truth: Likewise, reading in dim light might give someone a headache or cause eyestrain, but it won’t damage that person’s sight.

Assertion #3: Using Prescription Eyewear will Cause the Eyes to Become Dependent on Them and Will Cause Eyesight to Worsen over Time

Truth: This claim is not true. Although a person’s eyesight can change and potentially worsen over time, it is not due to using prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Assertion #4: Staring Directly Into the Sun Will Damage One’s Vision

Truth: This is absolutely true! Staring directly into the sun can cause headaches and temporary vision distortions. Constantly exposing the eyes to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can also cause a host of vision problems over time, including macular degeneration and corneal dystrophies. This is why it is important for everyone to wear sunglasses when they leave the house.

Assertion #5: Individuals with Blue Eyes all Share one Common Ancestor

Truth: This assertion is held by many scientists, who believe that blue eyes originated as a genetic mutation in one human being about 10,000 years ago, in the Black Sea region. Before this, everyone had brown eyes.

Assertion #6: There’s Nothing Anyone can do to Help Prevent Vision Loss

Truth: Not all vision problems lead to permanent vision loss. However, some vision problems and eye diseases can even lead to blindness, especially if they go untreated. The sooner a vision problem is diagnosed and treatment begins, the better the chance is that your ophthalmologist can save your sight or at least slowdown vision loss. This is why it is crucial to undergo yearly eye exams.

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