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6 Eye Makeup Safety Tips

Makeup is designed to enhance the inherent beauty of your eyes. Unfortunately, if applied or worn carelessly, it can lead to serious problems, including irritation, infection and inflammation. King LASIK cares about your eye health and vision, and offers the following eye makeup safety tips to help you create beautiful looks safely.

Keep Your Eyeliner Pencil Sharp

Regularly sharpening your eyeliner pencil keeps it sharp so it doesn’t tug on your eyelid as you apply it. Also, only apply eyeliner to the outside of the lash line. “Tight lining,” or applying eyeliner to the inside of the lid, could scratch or irritate your eye.

Be Mindful of Known Allergies

If you are prone to allergic reactions or sensitive to new products, be careful when introducing new eye makeup. Try one new product at a time, so that if you do experience a reaction, you can pinpoint the cause and identify the ingredients.

Avoid Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle

To prevent poking your eye with a wand or applicator, make sure you are sitting or standing still when you apply your makeup. Even if you’re running late to a meeting, refrain from applying mascara or eyeliner in the car, bus or train — you never know when the vehicle could suddenly stop or start.

Refrain from Sharing Makeup

A surefire way to spread bacteria is to share eye makeup tools or products with someone else. Your eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and brow products are yours and yours alone — don’t share.

Remove All Your Makeup Before Bed

For the health of your eyes (and skin), it is best to remove all of your makeup before going to bed at night. Even a tiny bit of product could make its way into the corner of your eye and cause a problem. Use face wipes or makeup remover solution and a cotton pad/ball to gently remove mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. It’s wise to keep a pack of makeup wipes by your bed by nights you are too tired to stand at the sink.

Replace Eye Makeup Every Few Months

Switch out your eye makeup products every three to four months and avoid anything that has expired. Clumps forming in the product are a good indication that it has deteriorated and should be thrown out.

For more information about your eye health and safety, King LASIK is here to help. Call (877) 551-2020 or email us today to speak with a member of our team.