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An increasing number of people are undergoing LASIK surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Some reasons why this type of surgery has become popular include:

  • Almost immediate vision correction
  • Little pain
  • High rate of success
  • No stitches or bandages necessary
  • Eliminates need for glasses or contacts

How is LASIK Performed?

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A LASIK surgeon creates a small flap in the cornea. After folding back the flap, a laser is used to carefully and precisely reshape the cornea, after which the flap is repositioned. When shaped correctly, the cornea more accurately focuses light onto the retina, which results in improved vision.

Deciding Who is Best to Perform LASIK Surgery

Recently, optometrists have been seeking to expand their services by being allowed to perform laser surgery. They state they could provide these services – which insurance companies often don’t cover – at a much lower cost than physicians. Ophthalmologists, on the other hand, argue that optometrists lack adequate training and experience to perform surgical procedures.

Currently, residents of Oklahoma and Kentucky can choose to have an optometrist perform their laser eye procedure; yet many are unsure about how to decide which of the two professions they should turn to when electing to have LASIK surgery.

Why Ophthalmologists are the Best Choice to Perform Your Surgery

The main reason to choose an ophthalmologist to perform your procedure is that they are trained to perform surgery while optometrists are not. Optometrists attend a four-year post-graduate program of optometry school and are not MDs. Ophthalmologists complete eight years of medical school, internship, and residency, which includes extensive training and experience in performing complex eye surgeries that require precision. While a LASIK procedure is often viewed as being routine today, it is still a surgical procedure that requires specialized training and experience.

What to Look for in a LASIK MD

There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing a LASIK surgeon, including:

  • Licensure by the state or province
  • Board certification
  • Membership in the American (or Canadian) College of Surgeons
  • Referred by your optometrist or ophthalmologist
  • Average complication rate lower than the national average
  • Performance of several thousand successful procedures
  • A well-identified and reasonable follow-up policy for complications
  • Additional post-residency training in laser vision correction
  • Use of the most up-to-date laser technology

LASIK MDs have specialized training in performing refractive eye procedures and are the most appropriate professionals to perform LASIK surgery. Individuals choosing to have such surgery should not risk their sight by using less than the best-trained, most experienced surgeon available.


Dr. Joseph KingDr. Joseph King is an exceptionally talented LASIK surgeon who has dedicated his career to helping his patients achieve excellent vision without eyeglasses. As a LASIK patient himself, Dr. King appreciates the difference LASIK can make in a patient’s life. Over the years, he has helped more than 75,000 LASIK patients improve their quality of life through laser eye surgery.To deliver the best possible results, Dr. Joseph King uses the latest surgical and diagnostic technologies.

Due to his considerable skill and experience, Dr. King is recognized as a top Vancouver / Seattle LASIK surgeon who has helped many pilots, sharpshooters, military navigators, and professional athletes achieve clear eyesight. For more information about Dr. King, please visit: LASIK Doctors page.