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With Halloween nearing, adults and children alike are getting their costumes ready for a night full of tricks and treats. But while everyone loves a scary costume, it’s important for families to take safety steps in order to avoid a truly frightening eye injury. Here, the trusted vision experts at King LASIK share the following tips to keep your eyes safe and healthy this Halloween.

How to Protect Your Eyes on Halloween

Beware of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Special-effect colored contact lenses can take a vampire, werewolf or zombie costume to the next level, but they should be used with caution. First and foremost, all contact lenses, including cosmetic lenses used just for looks, should be prescribed by an eye care professional. Anyone who is not an eye care professional and selling colored contact lenses is doing so illegally. Improper use of cosmetic contact lenses can lead to serious eye conditions including bacterial infections, swelling, eye pain, corneal scratches and blurred vision. Cosmetic contact lenses should be used with the same precaution and care as regular contact lenses. Always clean contacts properly and store them in a clean case. Never share cosmetic contact lenses with anyone.


Keep eye safety in mind when picking out your or your child’s costume this year. Avoid costumes with eye patches, wigs or anything else that can potentially block your vision. Tie hats and scarves securely so they won’t slip over the eyes. It’s best to avoid wearing masks, as they can block your peripheral vision. A safer alternative to masks is makeup or face paint. If you do decide to wear one, remember to take it off when driving or walking while trick-or-treating. Avoid pointed or sharp props such as spears, swords or wands.

Only Use FDA Approved Makeup

Only wear FDA-approved hypoallergenic makeup and follow the product’s instructions carefully when applying around the eyes. It’s always a good idea to carry a damp towel or washcloth in case the makeup begins to run while trick-or-treating. When the night is over, remember to wash makeup off completely and gently, especially around the eyes. Eyeshadow and false eyelashes left on overnight can irritate the eyes. As with regular makeup, never share cosmetic makeup with others, especially eye makeup.

Additional Tips

If you’re planning on hitting the streets to trick-or-treat, carry a flashlight to illuminate sidewalks and paths. Make sure all sidewalks and stairs are clear of obstacles that may cause you to trip and fall. Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from costumes.

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