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Laser Eye Correction CostWhen it comes down to it, some of the most common questions we hear from patients refer the price of the LASIK procedure. There are a large number of factors to consider when choosing the right procedure for you. To help explain the factors that affect the cost of LASIK, we’ll go into some detail in this article.

So just how much does laser vision correction cost and what questions should you ask the surgeon well in advance of any procedure? Let’s start with a price report commissioned by a leading Ophthalmology industry information source, as reported on According to a survey of refractive surgeons during the full-year 2011, average costs for laser vision correction were:

-$2,124/eye for all laser-based vision correction procedures when a single price was quoted

-$1,630/eye for non-customized LASIK with a bladed instrument and excimer lasers that aren’t guided by wavefront analysis

-$2,151/eye for wavefront-guided LASIK using a laser-created flap

That being said,

LASIK Cost Factors Varies:

-The type of laser technology chosen

-The type of instrument used to create the corneal flap, whether microkeratome or laser. Royalties are charged by the laser companies for use of laser software.

-Whether the pre-op exam and follow-up visits are covered in the original fee

-The experience level of the surgeon

-Whether complication correction is included in the regular fees

Fortunately, surgery costs can be defrayed by health savings accounts and financing. Most insurance plans don’t cover any kind of laser vision correction cost, but some employers make arrangements with a local LASIK center for a special price. You may even qualify for a tax deduction!

Financing is another option. For example, King LASIK offers choices, such as payment plans, flex spending accounts, corporate group plans, and CareCredit financing. However, even with all these great options at normal prices, some LASIK clinics claim to have highly discounted deals.

For example, they may claim to offer surgeries as low as $299 per eye, but a very small percentage of patients actually qualify for this type of surgery (which is based almost entirely on the refractive error).

Keeping all of these aspects in mind is crucial to ensure that you obtain quality results. After all, your eyesight is worth far more than a one-time deal!