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Every day in each of our clinics, we help a variety of people improve their vision in ways they don’t even realize are possible. We’ve carefully selected stories from four very different patients with very different careers, ages, backgrounds and needs who have all benefited from improved vision. As you’ll see, the benefits of laser eye surgery are not limited to daily activities. The stories below show that there is also the opportunity for LASIK to help in many different areas, including sports, and even careers.

If you have been dreaming about life without glasses or contact lenses, you can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Joseph King to learn whether you are a laser eye surgery candidate. In the meantime, explore what these patients had to say about their experience.

Patients of Laser Eye Surgery Share Their Experience

How LASIK Helped A Mother…

Claire Conroy-Groves “It has only been 3 days, but you have changed my life so much. You outdid my expectations, the colors all around me are so clear and bright, in addition, I can see the dashboard without glasses. My son took me to brunch and I could read the menu clearly without my glasses too. Thank you so much Dr. King. This was the best holiday gift I could have asked for.”

Claire Conroy-Groves

How LASIK Helped A News Director…

Mike Arthur: News Director“I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out. To say the results were incredible – would be an understatement. There are endless benefits to the LASIK. For me, the greatest surprise was how beautifully clear the distant mountains and blue sky now appear. Thank you, King LASIK!”

Mike Arthur: News Director

How LASIK Helped A Dermatologist…

Stephanie Traut: Dermatologist“It’s amazing how a few minutes completely changed my life! My fear was that my profession in dermatology is very visually oriented and after talking with Dr. King at King LASIK, I was educated about the technology that LASIK was possible for my vision. Clear vision is priceless and that’s why I chose Dr. King to perform LASIK for me.”

Stephanie Traut: Dermatologist

How LASIK Helped A Motocross racer…

Parker Allison: Motocross Racer“LASIK is the best investment in my motocross career. I do not struggle with contact lenses on race day anymore. The best part is I can see with sharp vision and excellent depth perception. I encourage everyone to get LASIK surgery; it will pay off and make anything easier. LASIK is the future!”

– Parker Allison: Motocross Racer


We’re extremely fortunate at King LASIK to be able to profoundly impact literally dozens of patients every day. Our team at King LASIK believes that everyone deserves the right to see the world without glasses or contact lenses and we’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about laser eye surgery. Starting this New Year, make a resolution to see the world in a whole new way.