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After you’ve had LASIK eye surgery, you might feel like you’re ready to resume normal activities right away, but you need to take care. Even though LASIK surgery isn’t as hard on your body as other types of surgery, you still need to exercise caution with your daily routines. Here are some suggestions on what activities you can take on, and when.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from LASIK

Right after LASIK surgery: Arrange for someone else to drive you home after your procedure, where you should spend the remainder of the day relaxing. Your eyes might be sensitive to light right after surgery, so wear dark glasses and close the curtains once you get back home.

One to three days after LASIK eye surgery: You should take a few days off to make sure that there are no complications from your surgery, and to get through any possible side effects. After that, you’ll be free to go back to work. You’ll also need to see your doctor sometime between your laser eye surgery and now. You can resume non-contact sports now if you want. Just use common sense – doing yoga or heading out for a run would be a better idea than going surfing!

One week after LASIK: You can stop wearing your protective eye goggles to bed now, so you should sleep a little easier.

Two weeks after surgery: You can now use makeup, lotions, or creams around your eyes if you’d like.

Four weeks after LASIK surgery: You can now resume strenuous contact sports like football, boxing, or karate, but use caution and try to avoid getting hit or bumped in the eye area. You can now drive at night, too, if you want. (It’s recommended that you don’t drive at night for about a month after your laser eye surgery.)

One to two months after laser eye surgery: You can now swim and use hot tubs or whirlpools again.

You should now be well on your way to a life with clearer vision. Enjoy the ‘sights’ along the way!