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Some professionals (e.g., doctors, tailors, jewelry designers, computer repair technicians) need eagle eye vision to do their job properly. If you think about it, that requirement also extends to some Olympic athletes. Tennis and badminton players, archers and fencers are among those for whom a sharp eye is definitely an advantage.

With the 2012 London Summer Olympics nearing their end, we thought it would be interesting to consider which events really require athletes to have excellent vision. We’ve come up with a few – what do you think?


The distance between an archer and his or her target is considerable, and hitting the bulls-eye requires both a steady hand and sharp eyes! While archers are allowed to wear prescription glasses under the official rules, imagine how much more convenient it would be to have great vision without the need for them! Even Robin Hood would probably have wanted to get custom LASIK eye surgery!


Keeping your ‘eye on the birdie’ is no small feat, especially when you consider how fast that shuttlecock can fly back and forth over the net! Having excellent vision is critical to success in this event (unless, of course, you happen to belong to one of the four women’s doubles teams whose strategy in the 2012 London Olympic Games was to try and lose an early game so they could play against weaker teams during the next round).


Benefits of LASIK on Olympic Athletes

It’s hard enough to keep your eye on a tennis ball that measures less than three inches in diameter, but when you add speed into the mix, it’s even tougher! Did you know that tennis pro Serena Williams hit serves reaching speeds of 120 mph during her Olympic appearance at Wimbledon? And in May 2012, Australian Samuel Groth, then ranked 340th in the world, broke the record for the fastest tennis serve with a bullet that hit 163 mph (263 kph).


En garde! You need great vision to score a touch or defend against an attack in fencing. Custom LASIK is a given for any fencer who isn’t seeing at their best, because making those finishing blows is all about good sight and dexterity.

No matter which sport an athlete is training for, to be at the top of their game and strive for a gold medal performance, they’ll want to ensure their vision is the best it can be. If it’s not, LASIK eye surgery can, in most cases, help them achieve it.

For those of us who aren’t training for or playing in the Olympics (yet), Custom LASIK is still very much an option. Everyone can be at the top of their game with LASIK surgery!