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Preparing for LASIK Surgery in SeattlePreparing for the LASIK procedure begins with a pre-LASIK examination. King Lasik offers these examinations to you for free. Your doctor at King Lasik will conduct a full eye exam, asking about your eye history, and verifying that your prescription hasn’t changed for at least a year. This exam will ultimately determine whether you’re the right fit for a LASIK or PRK procedure.

Your eyes will be examined, scanned, and mapped during this preliminary exam, ensuring that the LASIK procedure will be as precise as possible. The evaluation process will include a number of steps such as a dilated exam to accurately measure your eye’s refractive error or prescription, a corneal topographic map, a glaucoma test, a retinal evaluation, and several other tests.

If your eye’s health, curvature and corneal thickness are suitable for LASIK, your doctor will let you know if you are a good candidate. If not, refractive surgery could result in unstable or unsatisfactory vision – harming you in the long run – so other vision correction options may be advised. After the exam, you’ll talk to a refractive counselor. During this session, you’ll be able to ask additional questions, discuss various options and pricing, and schedule your LASIK procedure.

Few Things to Remember in Preparing for LASIK

For example, if you’re currently wearing contacts, you’ll instead want to switch to glasses during the days leading up to surgery. Hard contact lenses should be removed at least one month prior to the procedure. This is crucial because contacts can distort the shape of your cornea and affect surgical results. You’ll also want to leave off eye makeup or cream on both the day before and the day of the surgery to lower the risk of infection.

Arranging for someone to pick you up after the procedure is also essential since the effects of any medicine given to you before the surgery may not have abated yet and your vision may still be blurry. Preparing for the LASIK or PRK procedure in the proper way is very important in order to receive the best results possible.