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LASIK During Pregnancy
Pregnant women that are interested in getting LASIK done may be unaware of the changes that are occurring in their eyes during pregnancy. While other changes during pregnancy are more noticeable, changes in the eye do take place that can affect a pregnant women’s vision. In this post, Dr. Joseph King gives advice to pregnant women that are considering receiving LASIK.

How Pregnancy Affects Your Eyes

The changing hormone levels in a pregnant woman’s body can cause changes in the eyes. Changes in vision during pregnancy are usually minor, and most women will not need to adjust their eyeglass prescription. Dry eye is also common among pregnant women, and may be treated with lubricating eye drops.

How Pregnancy Can Impact LASIK

LASIK is performed by first determining the current state of your eyes, then fixing any aberrations that are present. Because a pregnant woman’s eyes are in a fluctuating state, it’s difficult to make an assessment of the eyes that is totally accurate. The eyes may continue to experience changes until the end of pregnancy or breastfeeding. This means that if LASIK is performed during pregnancy, it could result in an over- or under-correction.

Wait to Get LASIK if You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women should wait to get LASIK done in order to get optimal results from the procedure. Not only does getting LASIK done while pregnant compromise your results, it also requires your body to focus its energy on properly healing and recovering. This is an added demand on your body that’s already undergoing a lot of stress during pregnancy. Medical professionals recommend that women avoid getting LASIK while pregnant. Wait until after pregnancy to have LASIK, and you’ll get much better results.

Schedule a Pre-LASIK Consultation

If you’re interested in LASIK and are also thinking about having a baby, it’s a good idea to talk to an experienced LASIK surgeon about your options. Dr. King has performed LASIK on thousands of patients, and he can answer all of your questions about the procedure, including the best time for you to have it done. Schedule your pre-LASIK consultation by calling 1.877.551.2020 today.