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How to Spend Your Tax Refund
Approximately 79 percent of Americans are looking forward to the tax refund season, as they’re expecting a pleasant little surprise from the IRS.

Last year, the average payout was 2,860 dollars, which may not sound like a king’s ransom, but if you spend that money with foresight and common sense, you can actually make a substantive change in your whole lifestyle, no matter how old or young you are.

According to a survey conducted by GoBankingRates, people say they plan to spend their tax return on these 5 following things:

•  Pay down debt (27%)

•  Save (25%)

•  Take a vacation (10%)

•  Put it towards a big purchase (5%)

•  Splurge on shopping (5%)

•  Undecided or none of the above (32%)

Why Spend Your Tax Refund on LASIK

“Tax refunds are income that falls outside of Americans’ typical paychecks, so even though it’s earned and well-deserved, there is definitely a temptation to view it as ‘free money’ that can be splurged or even wasted,” says lead GOBankingRates finance reporter, Elyssa Kirkham. “It’s really encouraging to see, however, that most people are planning to use a tax refund to better their financial situation by saving or paying off debt.”

Using `perceived’ free money for things that have far-reaching impact is certainly the way to go during the tax refund season. And if you’re not paying off a debt, then this is also the perfect time to finally act on your desire to get LASIK eye surgery.

A majority of people who come in for initial consultations at a LASIK clinic have been thinking about regaining a good vision for a long time before finally taking action. Often, their hesitation is on account of the price of LASIK (2,000 dollars on average).

And the “elective” tag that has been attached to this vision transformation procedure, is the primary cause of this. When people `elect’ to spend a sizeable amount of money, especially on themselves, they begin to second-guess their decision.

To put this common human thought process in perspective: when an auto repair shop fixes damages on your car and presents you with a 2,000-dollar bill, you pay it. If your dentist sends in a 2,000-dollar bill after working on your teeth, you pay it. Because you believe you have to.

Remove the connotations of the word `elective’ from the LASIK vision correction procedure, and suddenly your reaction to the 2,000-dollar expenditure will change dramatically.

A popular tip suggested by human psychology experts is to write down the pros and cons of an action you’re undecided about on a piece of paper. Then tally the results and see which column is longer.

If you sit down with a piece of paper and write down every reason to get LASIK and every reason not to, you will see that the `pro’ column is a mile long. You’ve listed so many exciting fantasies you have harbored in your subconscious mind – such as looking younger, not being treated by people like a specs-wearing nerd, going on outdoor adventures and vacations with absolute freedom, seeing the world, in fact, with the unobstructed pleasure of 20/20 vision. (Also note how much you enjoyed filling up the `pro LASIK’ column.)

Now look at the `cons’ column – there is probably just one point listed there in large letters: EXPENSE. (If you’ve done your research, you already know that fear and safety issues are both unwarranted concerns.)

So there you have it. You have just explained to yourself how overwhelming the reasons for getting LASIK correction are. And the tax refund `free money’ you’ll be receiving shortly will resolve the expense worry as well.

Be proactive and go in for an initial LASIK consultation while the government is still processing your tax return. If you are a good candidate, do the surgery during tax season, using the refund money, so your eyes have plenty of time to heal before summer.

Give yourself the gift of perfect vision this year by using your tax refund for something you’ll be glad you did for the rest of your life. Our consultations are free and come with no obligation. You can schedule one at 1-877-551-2020, or online here!