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Daily Annoyances of Wearing Reading Glasses

14 Annoyances of Wearing Reading Glasses

1. Owning 3 pairs of extra glasses, just in case, and then never being able to find even one when you really need to read something in a hurry.

2. Noticing how quickly a loose screw can come off when you’re about to board a long-haul flight, carrying a pile of reading material in your hand-baggage.

3. Keeping drugstores in business, buying reading glasses with color-coded prescriptions almost every month on an emergency basis.

4. Making least use of all the applications in your smartphone, because using them means having to find and wear your reading glasses first.

5. Rejoicing in the launch of iPhone 6s Plus, with a prayer that its larger screen means you just might be able to read texts and things with your naked eyes.

6. Allowing people to think you are technologically challenged, rather than explain you’re not much of a Pokemon Go fan because playing the game means fumbling for your reading glasses every time a hairless Mewtwo or a blasted Blastoise turtle pops up on screen.

Annoying Things About Glasses7. Having recurring nightmare scenarios where you perform under-par at work because a pair of reading glasses play havoc with brain chemistry sometimes, causing a 7-second time lag between blank stupidity and full comprehension.

8. Nurturing a secret belief that you may be mildly dyslexic.

9. Cussing out the hotel management for providing bathroom toiletries with small, fancy lettering, so you cannot tell the shampoo from the conditioner and the body wash once you’re in the shower.

10. Mourning the fact that you can never wear designer sunglasses pushed stylishly back on your head because you’re constantly needing to wear specs to read things, and having both on at once looks so damn silly.

11. Learning the restaurant menu in advance, so you know exactly what to order when you’re bare-facing it on a first date.

12. Failing to draw a matching pair of cat-eyes, even with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner retailing at $ 26. Every. Time.

13. Snaring a particular front section of hair when you keep taking off your reading glasses, until the roots get so inflamed, it feels like Chinese water torture. But you still gotta keep doing it…

14. Feeling perplexed when your reading glasses fog up going from hot to cold and vice versa, because you’re not a full-time spectacle wearer, and therefore unaware of the science behind this everyday occurrence.

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