Benefits of Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

BENEFITS OF LASIK One of the most common questions potential LASIK patients ask is, “Will I really get to donate my reading glasses?”  The answer is not as cut and dried as they might like; the answer is yes and/or no.  Laser corrective eye surgery benefits usually include not having to wear glasses or contacts …Read more

5 Ways Accountants Can Benefit from LASIK Surgery

TOP PROFESSIONAL WHO DESERVE LASIK BENEFITS Anyone who qualifies for LASIK surgery during a pre-operative exam benefits from the procedure.  However, accountants are good contenders for the list of “Top 5 Professionals Who Deserve LASIK Benefits.” They deal with numbers swimming around on page after page, hours staring at a computer, and the highlight of …Read more

How to Protect Your Eyes After Laser Vision Correction

WHAT TO DO AFTER LASER VISION CORRECTION? LASIK Eye Surgery is literally a life-changing procedure.  Many patients have not been able to see without glasses since they were little children. Simple activities like bike rides, swimming, or yard work can become a nuisance when glasses slip off, contacts fall out, or debris become trapped between …Read more