Spend Your Tax Refund On This 1 Thing That Is Guaranteed To Change Your Life

WHERE TO SPEND YOUR TAX REFUND Approximately 79 percent of Americans are looking forward to the tax refund season, as they’re expecting a pleasant little surprise from the IRS. Last year, the average payout was 2,860 dollars, which may not sound like a king’s ransom, but if you spend that money with foresight and common …Read more

Forget Celebrities – Even Star Wars Droid C-3PO Had To Have LASIK Surgery!

PERSON BEHIND DROID C-3PO GOT HIS LASIK SURGERY What can be a more ringing endorsement for LASIK than the fact that even an autonomous programmable machine like Star War’s C-3PO, with his outstanding celluloid representation of robotics and fluency in over 6 million forms of communications, couldn’t solve his own vision problems without the help …Read more

Why LASIK Surgery is Fast Becoming a Trend with Millennials

LASIK SURGERY FOR MILLENNIALS Millennials (age group 18-34) typically don’t have time to worry about medical care. Unless there’s a pressing emergency that needs immediate attention, they are unlikely to go for a medical consultation that could positively impact their lives in the years to come. Complications of day-to-day living that arise with middle age …Read more

Are Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Astigmatism Hereditary?

TREATING NEARSIGHTEDNESS, FARSIGHTEDNESS, AND ASTIGMATISM As one of the leading LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout British Columbia, King LASIK sees many individuals that need treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. A common question that comes up in consultation is, “What is causing my vision condition?” The short answer is often, “You can …Read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK in 2016

CONSIDER LASER VISION CORRECTION Have you considered laser vision correction with LASIK, but keep coming up with reasons to postpone treatment? You are not alone. Many people weigh the decision for years. However, a number of our patients have admitted they wish they had LASIK sooner. Make 2016 the year you finally enjoy clearer vision …Read more

5 Ways Unknowingly Hurting Your Eyes – LASIK Surgery in Your Future

WAYS YOU’RE UNKNOWINGLY HURTING YOUR EYES Genetics predispose many of our patients to need corrective lenses to overcome blurry vision on a daily basis. But regardless of their genes, many people unwittingly do a number of things that negatively impact their ocular health and vision every day. As LASIK Surgeons we’ve learned that for most …Read more

Common Laser Eye Operations: LASIK, Custom LASIK, PRK & More

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN COMMON LASER EYE OPERATIONS Although all laser eye operations involve using a laser, LASIK specifically creates a small incision in the cornea so the surgeon can reshape the eye to correct focusing problems. So this form of all-laser LASIK is quite different from other laser eye surgeries, both in terms of what conditions …Read more

Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

LASIK, PRK, AND LASEK Laser corrective eye surgery comes in a number of different varieties – LASIK, PRK, and LASEK for example but the overall process is relatively similar. This article will focus on the most common modern procedure – LASIK. The following 3 part progress includes an explanation of what happens before, during, and …Read more

How to Protect Your Eyes After Laser Vision Correction

WHAT TO DO AFTER LASER VISION CORRECTION? LASIK Eye Surgery is literally a life-changing procedure.  Many patients have not been able to see without glasses since they were little children. Simple activities like bike rides, swimming, or yard work can become a nuisance when glasses slip off, contacts fall out, or debris become trapped between …Read more