Forget Celebrities – Even Star Wars Droid C-3PO Had To Have LASIK Surgery!

PERSON BEHIND DROID C-3PO GOT HIS LASIK SURGERY What can be a more ringing endorsement for LASIK than the fact that even an autonomous programmable machine like Star War’s C-3PO, with his outstanding celluloid representation of robotics and fluency in over 6 million forms of communications, couldn’t solve his own vision problems without the help …Read more

Debunking Common LASIK Vision Myths

COMMON LASIK VISION MYTHS When patients first come to our office, interested in whether or not LASIK surgery will work for them, there are frequently asked questions which usually come up during the consultation. Much of the time, their LASIK questions have to do with a combination of fact and fiction they have heard or read. Contrary …Read more