How to Correct Farsightedness

FACTS ABOUT FARSIGHTEDNESS To properly understand how to correct farsightedness, it’s useful to first review the cause of the condition. Farsightedness is a common issue for many individuals and bears similarity to nearsightedness: it involves the eye’s incorrect focusing of light. Farsightedness is also known as hyperopia: where the eye focuses better on distant objects …Read more

LASIK in Fort McMurray – Braving the Elements

BEST LASIK  SURGERY IN FORT MCMURRAY When you have to brave the elements while working in a location with cold temperatures, it can be extremely frustrating to have to deal with vision problems. The temperatures in Fort McMurray, Alberta can dip as low as -30 to -40 degrees centigrade. Harsh weather conditions such as these …Read more

King LASIK – A Little Website Spring Cleaning

Hello everyone, Much like our branding shift from Clearly LASIK to King LASIK, we’ve recently launched a streamlined new website to serve you and the local community more effectively than ever before! Regardless, I hope you’ve been doing quite well this spring and I just wanted to send out a quick notice in case you’d …Read more

How to Correct Nearsightedness

CORRECTING NEARSIGHTEDNESS WITH VISION CORRECTION SURGERY In order to understand how to correct nearsightedness, it’s best to first learn more about the problem. Around the world, nearsightedness is a common health issue. Otherwise known as myopia, nearsightedness is a condition defined as having a cornea with too much curvature – as a result, improperly bending …Read more

Contact Lenses vs LASIK

THE CONVENIENCE OF LASIK OVER CONTACT LENSES There are many, many debates on the Internet about nearly everything under the sun, but one of the most important involves a sense that’s very precious to us: eyesight. Corrective lenses have existed for many years, but as technology progresses new options have been developed. Contact lenses are …Read more

How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

FINDING THE RIGHT LASIK SURGEON Wondering how to choose a LASIK surgeon? Finding the right LASIK surgeon is a crucial decision – after all, laser vision correction can have a huge impact on the rest of your life! So what’s important to remember while you’re still on the search? We recommend starting with a list …Read more

How to Correct Astigmatism

CORRECTING ASTIGMATISM If you’ve ever wondered how the laser vision correction process works when treating specific conditions, you’re in luck! Today’s article will explain how to correct astigmatism in the most precise and effective way possible via modern technology. First, what is astigmatism and how can it impact your vision? Astigmatism involves an irregular curvature …Read more

Laser Corrective Eye Surgery

LASIK, PRK, AND LASEK Laser corrective eye surgery comes in a number of different varieties – LASIK, PRK, and LASEK for example but the overall process is relatively similar. This article will focus on the most common modern procedure – LASIK. The following 3 part progress includes an explanation of what happens before, during, and …Read more

LASIK versus PRK – Understanding The Difference

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LASIK AND PRK If you’re currently researching your vision correction options, you may have heard of procedures such as LASIK and PRK among others. Both of these surgeries are very reliable and effective, but they have a number of important differences as well. Understanding the LASIK versus PRK comparison begins with a …Read more