Is Reading While Lying Down Bad for The Eyes?

PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE A topic about eye health that’s currently doing the rounds in social media is reading while lying down. Rumor has it that some research studies have proved a connection between this common habit and permanent eye damage. And concerned people are looking back to years of curling up in bed with a …Read more

Did You Know That Contact Lens Wearers Carry An Extra Bad Bacteria In Their Eyes?

DISADVANTAGE OF WEARING CONTACT LENS Let’s face it. The primary reason why people wear content lenses is to look good. It’s a very persuasive reason of course, if wearing spectacles makes you feel less confident in social situations or hampers your professional life in any way. And if you haven’t yet considered the absolute freedom …Read more

How to Not be Afraid of Eye Drops

PROPER EYE DROP APPLICATION Almost 20 percent of people are unable to self-administer eye drops. Others feel extreme anxiety at the thought of letting somebody else do it for them. And yet more, simply hate the idea of eye drops and remain defiantly non-compliant when their doctor prescribes one. Fear of eye drops is extremely common, …Read more

Do I Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

CAUSES OF DRY EYE SYNDROME “Dry eye” might seem like an inconsequential condition that can be easily treated with the use of eye drops. However, for the thousands of people who suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome, it is a persistent, irritating condition at best and a symptom of an overarching systemic disease, such as …Read more