Top 10 American Cities That are Bad for The Eyes

AMERICAN CITIES THAT MAY HARM YOUR EYES Geography and climate have such an enormous impact on eye health. Some of the most scenic places in United States – cities that look pristine, fresh and clean all year round — can leave you with allergies, irritations and all sorts of other eye-related problems that you’d never …Read more

Eeek!!! Do You Have `Eye Mites’ Living And Raising A Family In Your Eyelashes?

FACTS ABOUT DEMODEX MITES This topic is deeply distressing on so many levels. Nobody welcomes the thought of creepy-crawlies living in their eyelashes, but if you’re knee-deep into your pets, like I am, and cannot imagine sleeping at night without your dog cuddled up next to you, the news is doubly unwelcome because there’s a …Read more

Top 10 American Cities That Promote Good Eye Health

AMERICA’S EYE-HEALTHY CITY If you are one of the 166 million Americans in need of vision correction, or extremely prone to allergies and other weather-induced irritants, the environment you live in will have an enormous impact on your eyes. Here are some useful tips about geographical locations that support good eye conditions and a list …Read more

Stop Pink Eye From Spreading in a Classroom

FACTS ABOUT PINK EYE (CONJUNCTIVITIS) If you are a parent or a teacher, you are well aware of the scrouge of Pink Eye Conjunctivitis in a classroom. Once a child gets it, others go down like dominoes with the infection. This contagion of inflamed eyes is an enthusiastic traveler, spreading quickly through direct contact with …Read more

Bloodshot Eyes From Too Much Alcohol? (Post-party Remedies)

REMEDIES FOR BLOODSHOT EYES Is the whirlwind of year-end parties, late nights and the season’s celebratory drinking leaving you with puffy, bloodshot eyes the morning after? If so, you need to read this article before you go out on the town again, because we’ll tell you how not to wake up in the morning looking …Read more

11 Ways to Beat Seasonal Eye Allergies this Fall

BEST WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM SEASONAL EYE ALLERGIES It’s fall, and along with dropping temperatures and the turning of leaves, a new crop of autumn pollen is sweeping across the country, activating allergy symptoms among over 40 million Americans. All summer, it was grass pollination that was triggering allergic reactions. Come fall, it …Read more