What to Expect During a LASIK Operation

Many Americans suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Fortunately, LASIK surgery can correct these vision issues in around 10 minutes. LASIK is also typically pain-free, with a success rate that would inspire confidence for anyone looking to have this procedure. And in case you are one of them, here’s what to expect. What to Expect …Read more


It might seem surprising for a refractive surgeon to love a procedure other than LASIK, one of the most successful medical procedures ever developed. As a former LASIK patient who has achieved total freedom from glasses and contact lenses by personally undergoing refractive surgery, and as an experienced refractive surgeon who has completed more than …Read more


Which Vision Correction Procedure is the Best One for Me? If you wear glasses or contact lenses for any activity and you’d like visual freedom, there are many excellent options available for you today.  Nearly everyone can reduce or eliminate their need for glasses with the modern surgical options for vision correction.   One of the vision …Read more


Can I Really Get LASIK for $495 per Eye? If you are interested in laser vision correction, you’ve probably seen or heard an ad for what seems like an unbelievably low price for LASIK.  These ads are nearly everywhere and can be heard on the radio, websites, or appear as a pop-up ad to get …Read more

What is the Recovery Time for LASIK?

In addition to being one of the safest elective medical procedures available today, the recovery time for LASIK is short — in fact, most patients return to work the very next day and experience improved vision within a few hours of the procedure. At King LASIK, our team uses the latest technology to ensure that …Read more

What’s the Best Age for LASIK

You may have heard about the amazing benefits of LASIK surgery and its incredible success rates. LASIK is widely popular because it lets you walk into an eye surgeon’s office, have a ten-minute procedure, and wake up the next morning with perfect vision. However, what you may be wondering is Do I qualify for LASIK? …Read more

10 Things to Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

LASIK surgery is a safe, corrective eye procedure that focuses on the cornea of the eye to help improve vision. LASIK can effectively correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms. Think of the cornea like a camera lens. It can zoom in and out, depending on how close you want to see. Sometimes, that lens becomes dirty …Read more

Can you see After LASIK?

I CAN SEE MORE RIGHT AFTER LASIK! LASIK surgery is a quick procedure used to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This refractive surgery uses a laser to reshape the cornea so that light traveling through it focuses onto the retina located in the back of the eye. Typically, this procedure is pain-free and …Read more

Does LASIK Hurt?

GUARANTEED PAINLESS LASIK SURGERIES With any surgery, it’s natural to have some anxiety about what you’ll experience before, during, and after the day of the procedure. LASIK laser corrective eye surgery is no exception, especially considering that the thought of having surgery on one or both eyes is a little unsettling for many people. One …Read more

Bloodshot Eyes From Too Much Alcohol? (Post-party Remedies)

REMEDIES FOR BLOODSHOT EYES Is the whirlwind of year-end parties, late nights and the season’s celebratory drinking leaving you with puffy, bloodshot eyes the morning after? If so, you need to read this article before you go out on the town again, because we’ll tell you how not to wake up in the morning looking …Read more