Stop Pink Eye From Spreading in a Classroom

FACTS ABOUT PINK EYE (CONJUNCTIVITIS) If you are a parent or a teacher, you are well aware of the scrouge of Pink Eye Conjunctivitis in a classroom. Once a child gets it, others go down like dominoes with the infection. This contagion of inflamed eyes is an enthusiastic traveler, spreading quickly through direct contact with …Read more

Is Your Baby’s Eye Watering Too Much? It Could Be A Sign of Epiphora

SIGNS OF EPIPHORA Infants come with their own, special share of common baby-related illnesses. But, along with the usual coughs, colds and digestive troubles, parents also have to be constantly aware of signs of problems related to the eye. Babies cannot communicate discomforts in the eye without crying, and tears can camouflage an eye condition …Read more

Are You Choosing Christmas Toys That are Safe for Your Children’s Eyes?

TOYS SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN A toy store at Christmastime is an irresistible destination for both parents and children. Everything from the festive window dressings, to attractive discounts and fabulous Holiday stock displays are designed to promote the season’s impulse to buy, buy, buy. It’s easy to indulge kids at this time, and get them all …Read more