Traditional Holiday Desserts For Diabetics

DIABETIC PUDDINGS, PIES, AND COOKIES 1. Diabetic Christmas Pudding •  A no-sugar Chtistmas pudding with carrots and apples to keep it moist and cinnamon and mixed spice to warm it up nicely Ingredients: 125g plain flour 125g fresh white breadcrumbs 25g shredded vegetable suet 125g currants 150g raisins 1 tbsp low-calorie sweetener 2 tsp each ground …Read more

How To Prepare Diabetic-Friendly Drinks For Christmas

DIABETIC-FRIENDLY DRINKS Who doesn’t love a hostess who knows how to put on a sumptuous table for Christmas? Who except diabetic guests, that is, because they’re pretty much invited to salivate at the rich, creamy dishes, puddings and pies without being able to sample any of it. A thoughtful hostess will always make a few …Read more

13 Need-know-basis to Avoid Eye Injuries During Halloween

HOW TO AVOID EYE INJURIES DURING HALLOWEEN Halloween – the one reckless day of the year, when anyone can be anybody. Whether you’re dressing for an adult party or helping the kids with their trick-or-treating costume, the temptation to ignore common sense and safety guidelines is pretty hard to resist. And yet, with over 41 million, …Read more